1. C

    Texas cichlid sexing

    i was wondering if my Texas is a male or female. Also is my Texas getting a hump on its head or is that a normal head shape. Really wanting a male. Heard the hump is a good sign of male.
  2. Nano Vanisher

    Should I seperate my Carpintis and BP?

    hello, I have been moving alot of fish around between our tanks. My female Blood Parrot and Male Escondido Carpintis appear to be pairing. Should I separate them to not let them hybridize? or is this cross desirable?
  3. Lil g

    Super green texas sexing

    This little guy has been terrorizing my entire tank full of cichlids and has nearly killed A flowerhorn and a green terror.. I'm trying to figure out why it only chases and trys to kill only the females in the tank but yet only allows the female convict anywhere near it. I thought it was a male...
  4. N

    Order from Dan at Cichlids of the Americas

    So I decided to order from Dan this time instead of Rapps. I've been watching their stock for probably 2 months and Dan's was just more appealing at the moment. He's shipping out next monday and I'll be sure to snap a few pics once they get into the tank. The order: 2x Festae 3" (I was told...