1. i Aqua

    For Sale  For Sale iAqua Carbon

    " About our product:iAqua Carbon supplies a custom-designed range of carbon and a mixture of Lava rocks to maintain the carefully controlled conditions of the aquarium environment. Decomposed organics and even trace levels of residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramine. The Superior...
  2. C

    Submerged pump?

    Hello, A weird question - what if I submerge a hang on back filter with a pump that is not supposed to be submerged? Will that result in a electric shock whenever the water is touched? I am looking at Fluval C4.
  3. P

    For Sale  FX6 (((CHEAP)))))

    Selling the FX6 that came with my tank that I no longer need. It was hard plumbed to my tank so please look closely at the photo as I'm not sure if all accessories are there. Hoses are almost new because again.. it was hard plumbed. You get everything in the photo for 165 BUCKS!! PRICE to...
  4. S

    For Sale  Large koi for sale in Ontario, Ca

    location: Ontario My grandmother is selling her house and can not take the koi and the large goldfish with her. Her pond is located in the Ontario area. The filtering system includes a Laguna clear flow 4000 with UV that feeds into a water fall buckets full of lava rock, followed by two large...
  5. M

    For Sale  Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter, up to 250 US Gal (1000 L)

    This filter is AMAZING! I have only had it 2 weeks but I scored a deal on a 400 gallon tank and this will not be enough for me. Timing was never my strong suit - haha. But you can have a MINT perfect Fluval FX4 for much less than retail! This was plugged in to a (non planted, no fish, empty...
  6. Reedmaster16

    For Sale  Ultrasieve III, Wlim Glass Filter, UV Sterilizers, Hayward Sand Filter, pumps - NE Ohio

    Selling some of my filtration equipment that is no longer in use. Need to clear out some space. Aquaforte Ultrasieve III with 300 micron screen (7900gph max flow) - $1100 $1000 Wlim 16" glass filter with glass media inside - $325 $275 Hayward 16" sand filter (modified for higher flow rate...
  7. C

    For Sale  Oversize filter socks

    200 Micron filter 8" Diameter ring 32" Long I have 50 pcs available @ $12.00/ea or $500 for all. Prices exclude shipping.
  8. N

    Another emergency?!

    Don’t want a dead fish in the morning -or at all! W/no help until *at least* morning but more likely Saturday, I need fix ideas now. Should I lower the flow on the air stone? Turn down the pump? Worried if I do either tank conditions will hurt the fish. I have live plants i could add but don’t...
  9. G

    For Sale  Selling two 10 gallon tanks

    Looking for someone to buy my two 10 gallons tanks. one of them has 3 goldfish, and the other one has 2 fig 8 puffers. tanks include hood lights filters decor and heaters. please text me for any additional information at six two six 554 two 9 four 3 thanks!
  10. japbart

    For Sale  eheim filter, stand, heater

    2 Aqueon Pro 100 - $25 ea or $40 for both Eheim pro 4+ 600 with media - $100 Custom sized aquarium stand with conduit bars on side(great for 5’ tanks) 60”x16”x28” - $100 Stand has cutout on sides and behind.
  11. 9

    Quietest and longest lasting out hang on side filters?

    I have a new 55 gallon set up and I was using a old whisper filter for the tank but its driving me insane with motor noise. Any suggestions? The tank is my headboard so i need quiet.
  12. B

    Aquatop 500cv leaking

    I got This filter out of storage to use but it is leaking. I have checked the main gasket and it appears fine but the unit still leaks. I can’t figure out where it is coming from. So I don’t have the UV build in and my question is could this be the cause of my leak? Do you have to have the...
  13. agent1207

    Filtration for 220 Gallon Help?!

    I newly setup a 220 Gallon aquarium recently, and am new to this whole large aquarium game. I upgraded from my old 100 gallon since fish were getting larger. Fish include male motoro singray, 2 NTT datnoids, 1 red oscar. And plan on doing 50-40% water changes weekly. I currently have, 1...
  14. ukgoffer

    For Sale  In Line Canister Filter with pressure gauge and 4 replacement socks

    This has really been my workhorse to remove particulates in a 240g FW with a large bioload (rays, bass, dats etc.). This plus an Eheim 2262 was more than enough for my tank. I would change the sock every other week and I would only have to touch my canister 4x per year. It is very easy to...
  15. O

    55 gallon filtration

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a 6 inch flowerhorn in it. I have a penguin 350 and whisper 40. Looking to change up my filtration. Both hobs are old and loud. I've only ran hobs in the past but am open to anything. Anyone have some ideas?
  16. KenisFishRoom

    Canister Filter Life Hacks.

    When doing a water change, (TURN OFF THE WATER SUPPLY AND UNPLUG FILTER) remove the hoses from the top of the filter by flipping the switch, and insert it into a bucket. once removed, stick the entire part in the bucket and unscrew the hose going back to the tank. water will come out at first...
  17. lamanuts

    For Sale  Mass equipment. Filters, sumps, skimmers, chillers

    Majority of this equipment came from the Bellagio tanks that were made on the show tanked by ATM. Used for less than 2 months. All like new condition. I bought the tanks to expand my operation. I dont have a need for the filtration. 2 x jbj arctica 2hp titanium commercial chillers. has all...
  18. jsoto2005

    Large Flowerhorn Filtration Setup

    Hey guys, just a quick discussion for all you filtration freaks out there. I have a 4'x2'x28" with just one SRD flowerhorn cichlid. Im running an eheim 2217 (1000l/h) and an eheim 2215 (620l/h). For inside the tank im running a double canister filter by Qanvee and adding another soon, also...
  19. Plec123

    For Sale  FS: north jersey/ NYC area, PU ONLY, 38 gallon aquarium & stand w/ heater, 24/7 led light, and fluval 306

    Asking $200 for everything, pick up only, located in Montclair, New Jersey. Included are: 38 gallon aquarium (36" x 12" x 20") Aquarium stand (36" x 12" footprint, center cabinet, two open side cabinets with glass shelves. 1.5" Abrasions on front corner from puppy chewing ~8 years ago) Finnex...
  20. The-Almighty-Zugs

    How to Cycle Tank For the First Time

    I am getting a 240 gallon acrylic tank (96x24x24) and I'm wondering how to cycle the tank when I first set it up and how long it will take. I will have two FX6's connected to it. I am assuming that when I start I will have: Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrites 0 ppm Nitrates 0 ppm PH ? And then...