1. F

    Floating Bichir

    hello everyone, I've recently got a bichir and he is looking pretty sick. He was fine, eating swimming etc until today when I noticed him floating up the top. I tried feeding and that helped for a little bit but he's back up there. What can I do
  2. Jacob._.merc

    African cichlid floating

    I have a dragon blood African cichlid in a 20g for now. I had to move him from a large terror blood parrot. They used to be housed in a 40 gallon but the blood parrot got mean and chased him around. I didn't see what the problem was, the blood parrot clearly has no way of inflicting damage to...
  3. A

    All bichir in my tank are dying!

    Hi, since about a half year im totally into bichir. Got some Delhezi, Senugales, Ornate, Endlicheri, Lapradei, and Palmas B. Devided into 3 tanks. I'm having a bit of a Pokémon pollacy: gotta catch em all! All jokes aside; i lost 4 of them in the last 2 weeks. Symptons where all the same...
  4. F


    So I don't have much time, or so I believe and I'm really freaking out. This has been going on for the whole day now. From since I woke up today I noticed my Dad's Silver Arowana threw up his meal from yesterday. I did a 30% water change yesterday. 55gal tank. Yes I know it was a lot but I've...
  5. Z

    Gar's back end keeps floating to surface

    My Florida gar jumped out over night. I threw him back in the tank this morning and he started to rehab movement. I then grabbed him and held him over the air stone thinking this would get everything to flow through his gills. He's swimming around fine but it looks like his butt wants to keep...