flower horn cichlid

  1. C

    Trevor the flowerhorn needs help!

    Ok so, I got this guy about 3 weeks ago, and since I've had him he has spent more and more time upside down, with his kok always being the lowest point on his body. He used to be able to right himself really easily, and would be right side up most of the time, but now it seems like a struggle...
  2. D

    Mota and flowerhorn

    I have a red tiger mota and a flowerhorn that have paired up. Does anyone know if it possible for them to have babies that survive?
  3. O

    Flowerhorn update

    Here is an update of my flowerhorn. I've had him two weeks today. He is an insane fish. Eats everything right out of my hand and occasionally lets me pet him. Im so happy with him. Did some different aquascape now. Let me know what you think of my fish and scape? Darker substrate is from day...
  4. O

    Flowerhorn Newbie

    Hello everyone. I just recently bought a flowerhorn I pick up tomorrow. I've been keeping fish for 12 years. My past fish have all been piranhas. I've kept red bellies, purple and red sanchezis, a gold mac, a ruby red spilo, a gold diamond rhom, and a black rhom. Most recently I was growing...
  5. Daniel36

    Flowerhorn eye? Should I worry?

    My flowerhorn has some discoloration on one of his eyes and I’m not sure what I should do or if it’s even something I should be worried about. It doesn’t seem to affect his behavior or appetite but I’m concerned. Any advice is much appreciated. If the picture is not adequate I would describe it...
  6. E

    Wounds/ sores on flowerhorn

    Hi, I have my flowerhorn Paul for about 2 months ago, occasionally I do 48-72 hours at work in one go so have to leave him. I installed an automatic feeder for this time. I have noticed recently that when I come back he looks like he is covered in grazes. First time was his side and this time...
  7. Daniel36

    Flowerhorn feeding

    I hate to post the same basic question but I’ve been getting mixed information regarding feeding my flowerhorns. What’s the real deal with frozen bloodworms? Good? Bad? I have him on Hikari gold and he seems to be doing well but I still have a ton of frozen bloodworms. Maybe feed them to my...
  8. E

    New flowerhorn got a sore

    Hi, today I brought my first flowerhorn, my dream fish. Brought him home acclimatised him with drip for an hour before releasing into his tank. Did have an accident when netting him into tank where he jumped out of bet onto carpet. Picked him righ up and put him in the tank straight away. Seemed...
  9. F

    Flowerhorn growth

    Just brang this little guy home 1-12-19. Just a personal place where I can track his/her growth . Help along the way would be great . Finding the sex .Rating of how he/she looks . Little guy still has no name because I've always had bad luck with fish iv named. So now I wait a few weeks...
  10. F

    New flowerhorn fry , did I pick up a beast ?

    New flowerhorn fry , did I pick up a beast? New to flowerhorns . Little guy has a tiny bump and some good blue markings witch I like alot . What do you think ? Don't really know what people personally look for .
  11. B

    Rate my flower horn, plz.

    Hello. I am a long time fish lover, but new to forum. Though experienced in many freshwater fish types, but new to flowerhorns; love em’. I have had “Primo” for guessing 8-9 months ago (not actually sure), then got what I believe to be a female roughly 2-3 months ago. Both bought for about $15...
  12. K

    Flowerhorn Breeding

    Hello everyone, I currently have two flowerhorns, a male and a female. The male is about 5 inches and the female about 3.5. They were in two separate tanks for over 3 months, I recently added them in one tank with a divider, I took the divider out after 3 days and they were fine together for...
  13. HybridFinatic

    Flowerhorn stomach cramp?!?

    a couple weeks ago I got this fh from petco and seems to have a lot of potential and all and I take great care of it but something on its left side of it’s stomach is bothering me and I wondering if you all knew anything about it. In this picture you can see in indent in its stomach or tightness...
  14. M

    How is he looking.... still not sure what type he is....

    Still not sure what type he is.... hes doing great and looking good. Very happy with this guy!!
  15. Z

    Please guys can anyone tell my what type of FL is it,SRD?? or whats the head called.

    Any info will be really appreciated ;)
  16. Miks786

    Flowerhorn help please?? Urgent

    hey guys my flowerhorn is not getting any better??? I have raised the temp in the tank and added salt what more can I do??? Please urgently help It’s getting worse, almost looks like it’s gonna fall off
  17. M

    Flowerhorn... pics

    Sorry pics didnt upload here is some more.
  18. M


    Can anyone id the type of Flowerhorn i have? Just under 2 in. Juvenile.
  19. M

    Flowerhorn type help

    Picked up my very 1st juvenile flowerhorn. Since my purchase 2 weeks ago, ive learned alot about this fish..... including .....there are several types... he is in a 55 gal. Tank with 3 corys and a pictus cat. Currently he is just under 2 inches. Can anyone help ID tje type of fh i have ? I...
  20. M


    I recently became a flowerhorn fan. I have 2 -55 galon set ups 1 for my oscars and eba's ... the other needed a center piece. I was shpping for a fish ive never owned and came across some at one of the bigbox pet stores ....labeled only as flowerhorn. I have had him for 2 weeks and he is...