1. B

    Flowerhorn black patches problem and type

    My flowerhorn is having black patches on he head and on top of his body. It is really confusing I have tried many things to order to get rid of it. The water quality is good I do a 40% water change every week, I wasn't having a heater about 2 weeks earlier as I live in a tropical region and...
  2. S

    My flowerhorn stopped feeding pellets

    My flowerhorn stop taking pellets. I fed him twice daily with alternatively okiko platinum and optimum quick red. When I give him pellets he take first 1-2 pellets but having some difficulty of chewing it. But after that he take the pellet in mouth and then throw the pellet from mouth. Yesterday...
  3. S

    What is F1 Kamfa?

    Certain articles telling that a F1 kamfa or we can say a Classic kamfa is the result of breeding between Vieja species like Vieja synspilum & Vieja hartwegi. Some articles written that F1 is the result of ZZ flowerhorn & Red head cichlid (Vieja sp.). Please clarify which one is correct?
  4. A

    For Sale  Flowerhorn for sale!

    I am selling this flowerhorn. It is about 6-7in. Healthy and active I feed him/her pellets, bloodworms and shrimp. Not sure if male or female. I am in Elizabeth NJ. For more information feel free to message me. We can meet half way.
  5. rosslee

    Is Bruce starting to fade......

    Hi All, new member here saying hi to all forum members. Back drop on Bruce. He is a F2 King Kamfa (med KOK) dont like the big silly massive KOK's on fish. I dont have images of parents, but was told by the dealer if I was lucky he might fade red to white (based on parents) if not he will most...
  6. C

    For Sale  T5 light tube

    2 brand new t5 light tube
  7. H

    I need help diagnosing my flowerhorn

    Hi! I am fairly new to keeping cichlids and purchased a Flowerhorn about a month ago. I come home today and notice that he has some open flesh wounds around his gills on one side. He is alone in the tank, other than rocks and plants. So I’m thinking that maybe he scraped himself against a rock...
  8. CassowaryHunter

    Help identifying gender and type maybe?

    Hi all, I recently came across 2 flowerhorns, I have pics I need identified, was told big one male and yellow one female but dorsal fin marking suggest otherwise, please help.
  9. H

    HELP! I think my cichlid was miss identified!

    Hi, I'm new to the forum! I recently purchased a "Texas" Cichlid from a local pet store but after a few days of being home. It is showing more coloration and characteristics of a flowerhorn? Anyone have any ideas on what species this may be? I'm new to the cichlid hobby, so please excuse my...
  10. H

    Is my flowerhorn a male or female?

    Just got a new flowerhorn can’t tell if it’s a male or female can someone help me
  11. Cichlids keeper

    Mp Kamfa pic I found.

    Just thought some people would enjoy this. Credit: Unknown, if you know the owner please tell me and I will correct this.
  12. P

    110g predatory ideas?

    I’m thinking of setting up a 110g 398L 59”x19”x25” 150x50x65cm tank, with a fluval fx6 I’m looking for a single or pair of larger personable relatively active aggressive / semi aggressive fish my current ideas are - 2 oscars (start at 6, give 4 back to store) - 1/2 flowerhorn (if they get...
  13. Cichlids keeper

    Flowerhorns and vegetables

    Has anyone ever fed a flowerhorn a diet where there is more vegetables as opposed to protein? I'm interested in the heath effects of something like like this. This thread isn't meant to talk about pellet food btw, it's about actual fresh food or home made food.
  14. Cichlids keeper

    Health of wuddy Fireman's Dream?

    Is anyone who owns a fireman's dream FH willing to talk about their health? I think they are absolutely beautiful but I don't know if they live long and I actually want a FH that lives longer than a couple years.
  15. the animal guy

    For Sale  5” blue Texas , 3” cencu Flowerhorn , ca 91745

    Pick up only ca 91745 pm if interested
  16. Cichlids keeper

    Tell me about your oldest lived Flowerhorn.

    As mentioned above please tell me about your oldest lived Flowerhorn. How long did it live or has lived so far, what strain was it, etc.
  17. Cichlids keeper

    Kamfa Flowerhorn Breeders

    Is there anyone who breeds Flowerhorns similar to this Kamfa? Image is from Flowerhornsrus
  18. H

    Can you help me identify the Type of Flowerhorn ?

    Hi, I got him a week back. Trying to identify which type of flowerhorn he is. Could you also suggest some tips to groom him best. Also I would like to know if I can I add a female flowerhorn to the same tank.
  19. Cichlids keeper

    Fireman's Dream pics?

    Does anyone have pics of a full grown male Fireman's Dream.
  20. M

    For Sale  Female Shortbody Flowerhorn and Female Green Terror

    Female Flowerhorn $50 (Confirmed Fertile) Pics of Eggs in first picture Female Green Terror $20 Open to Trades or Other Offers Message at (626)991-8070