1. J

    Help Identify this fish

    Sold as a Purple Parrot but I think it is a Flowerhorn Parrot Cross. Very interactive, fun personality but more aggressive than my blood parrots.
  2. S

    General cure API medicine questions

    Hey, my flowerhorn has been extremely boated and hasn't pooped in over a week. The other fish in there has white stringy poop so I thought he had parasites and maybe transfered it to my flowerhorn. I tried a salt soak and nothing happened. My flowerhorn is swimming and eating fine, just no poop...
  3. S

    Is my flowerhorn bloated? Please help!

    My flowerhorn still eats normally and swims normally as well. His belly just looks huge to me and I'm worried because he's my baby! Raised him from a fry. I did an epsom salt bath today for 10 minutes (that was about 4 hours ago) but nothing changed yet. He has a 75 gallon tank by himself (the...
  4. T

    For Sale  4" Kamfa Flowerhorn imported from Thailand

    Looking to start selling some of my fish through this site so this is kind of a test run. High quality fish from Mfishhouse in Thailand. Please reach out to me with any questions on this fish. I don't answer calls, please text. 801-300-3733. at $140.00 ill cover shipping Fedex, or southwest...
  5. V

    For Sale  Fader flowerhorn

    About 4.5-5 inch Male Just faded about 1 and half weeks ago. Pick up in los angeles or i can deliver with a fee 250 with 4 parrots included Pm if interested
  6. Daniel36

    My flowerhorn journey to date

    Was just looking over some old pics from when I started fish keeping. Still learning and excited for what the future holds 🤙😜
  7. m_sol

    New flowerhorn black?

    Just picked up this female flowerhorn. Seen it multiple times at my LFS and she was always the same dark color. Any idea what the strain of FH she might be?
  8. m_sol

    Can someone help identify my FH's and what they have on their fin and body

    Currently in 75 gal grow out tank. The bigger one laid eggs but the eggs turned white 2 days later. The first one is female and second male. They paired up idk if the male is infertile. Thanks in advance!
  9. mr cichlid

    For Sale  Hybrid M/F pair

    7" male that is 50% rio hondo carpinte, 25% gus vieja and 25% red texas. The female pure rio sarabia trimac that lays eggs like clockwork. They are in a 3foot aquarium and have been for loooong time. They were both wicked mean in community tank and found each other. Love at 1st site. Never even...
  10. N

    Flowerhorn eat eggs.

    Hi guys, just a quick question. If the male flowerhorn eats the female eggs rather than fertilizing it, does it mean he's infertile or just not interested? Should I give it a few more tries? Oh, and also, if the female eggs doesn't stick to surface, are the eggs duds? Only some eggs stuck to...
  11. Bbuckley

    Eddie 3 month update

    Had this guy 3 months today its hard to believe he has changed so much his kok doesn't seem to stop growing, he's nearly 6 inch now he was just over 2 Inch when I first got him. First pic is him on first day and the rest are today.
  12. Daniel36

    Feeding frozen vs dry

    So my little buddy has been getting kinda picky these days. Been feeding him Hikari Cichlid Gold for awhile and he doesn’t go for it like he used too. I bought some sinking carnivore pellets and will try that too. I bought some frozen shrimp and he seemed to really like that but I’m thinking...
  13. S

    My flowerhorn is bleeding in eye...

    He wasn't eating well, then I saw his right eye was cloudy and he wasn't able to see properly and wasn't swimming freely either, was slow and in corner sitting most of the time. Today I pumped up the heater from 28°c to 32°c and added doxycycline capsule which was recommended by local pharmacist...
  14. T

    Pls help, my flowerhorn scraped his head

    My flowerhorn scraped his head over a month ago this is his photo from then But a week ago, his condition worsened. His head region got black and stressed marks keeps appearing on his body. This is him now. He hasn't eaten anything since last week. Some slime type substance surrounds him...
  15. Vertigon_z

    Flowerhorn Gender assistance

    Good Morning All, can anyone help in identifying the gender of my flowerhorn. Currently the fish is 3.5in-4in and I got it like two days ago. I would vent by taking it out of the water but I do not want to stress the new fish and also I think it may be too small to vent at this time. Based on...
  16. L

    Hello, is this flowerhorn male or female?

    it has a big kok, but also has that black mark on the top fin ( someone said that this is an indicator of female). so I'm a bit confused, anyone can help ? :):):)
  17. T

    Black mark on my flowerhorn

    Pls help 🙏. My flowerhorn has some black ring on his head. I'm changing 75% of water every 2 days but still no effect! It's been 4 days since he got this disease! Pls tell me what disease it is and also the right treatment!
  18. F

    My flowerhorn's skin is peeling... i do not know what happened to him

    Recently i have noticed that my flowerhorn's head had a lump rising and i didnt know what it is. After observing for a few days, the lump grew bigger and eventually popped, showing the flesh of the head. There has been already 3 lumps that has grew on my flowerhorn, and i do not know what to do...
  19. D


    Shes in with my male SRD who is fertile and has bred multiple times with a blood parrot and produced great babies ive currently divided them because the female shows no breeding behavior and is super aggressive, does anyone has any idea or experience with SRM and whats the best thing to do for...
  20. Benthebassmaster

    Flowerhorn tank size

    Palmer aquatics from YouTube said a Flowerhorn could be in a 50 gallon tank. Do you think this is a proper tank size