1. J

    Flowerhorn with swollen lips. Huge lips.

    Hi everyone. My Flowerhorn continues to get worse. He started off with getting pustules on his head and red gums. I treated that by raising the temperature and adding Milticure. The pustules have gone but his lips have been enlarged and swollen and protruding out as can be seen in the pics...
  2. T

    Can someone identify this Flowerhorn Type?

    So I've been doing more and more research on Flowerhorns but I can't seem to identify this Flowerhorn. Could anyone help me out? It would be much appreciated. I'm talking about the kind/type.
  3. J

    Flowerhorn Infected teeth/gums and white spots that break to form ulcers.

    Hi again. My large male Flowerhorn wasn’t been eating for the past 2 weeks. About a week ago I noticed his gums were red and swollen almost like they were bleeding. Then he started to form white zits on his face and body that would burst to form ulcers. Can anyone help me diagnose him and...
  4. vinnie coyle

    Thai Silk Flowerhorn Advice needed. ***9 months update***

    Hey friends, Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my first Flowerhorn's progress. So I got my FH on the 9th of December last year, and it initially grow pretty quick. And showed early signs of Kok (See first pic from last December). I was convinced I had a a male. However after...
  5. N

    My flowerhorn

    Hey guys I'm new to this hobby, and I have no idea about flowerhorn I got this fellow from a friend and I think it's a female can someone help me find out It basically has a small kok and is 5 inches so i think it's a female And it seems stressed right now coz of change in surroundings
  6. P

    Flowerhorn ID/quality

    Whatup dudes I was just wondering if anyone would like to help me id the strain and quality of my juvenile flowerhorn I bought him at my lfs for $6 as a baby and he has grown quite a bit in the last 3-4 months and is currently only about 4 inches I believe he is a ZZ red dragon but jut want...
  7. R

    Decisions? flowerhorn decisions??

    Opinions would be nice..FYI I am new to FH community (bout a month already)..so as I see FH being sold in all diff platforms ..I see these really nice ones of course(nice pearls kok structure)..now I wonder ..if those came from a batch -how many of that batch came out good like nice FH I see in...
  8. B

    For Sale  Edmonton - SRD Flowerhorn

    Sadly I have to sell one of my super red dragon flowerhorns. Male. Juvenile. Located in east Edmonton, AB. About 2 in. long
  9. B

    Male or Female flowerhorn

    Would someone be able to tell me if this is a male or female? Any help is greatly appreciated. Trying to sell one to make room to grow out the others.
  10. A

    Flowerhorn Feedback

    Can u give a feedback on my flowerhorn? What grade is it and what type? How I could maintain it better and how much I should feed him. I would really appreciate if you would answer these questions because I'm a new fish hobbyist. Thanks.
  11. Adrianrios1085

    Flowerhorns Srd pu only riverside ca 40$

    I have 5 3 in srd imported from Thailand 40$ each Also have 1 srd Flowerhorn male 4.5-5in big kok nice color very active 100$
  12. Mr geophagus

    How to breed flowerhorns?

    How do I breed flowerhorns? I’ve recently bought two small flowerhorns and I’m pretty sure it’s a pair. How do I breed them when they’re old enough?
  13. K

    Flowerhon sick

    Hi recently been treating my flowerhorn fish for ich for about a month now with daily water changes of 50% and added salt 1tbsp per 5gallons as well as methylene blue medication. However it seems nothing is working. I notice his skin has some layer of mucus.
  14. Nilsafeller

    Tank background color

    I Dont know if I should post this in general or setup ,but whatever lol I've painted the back of a few tanks black for more natural setups and for privacy of fish and for the most part I really like it... I follow a guy on Instagram name polysaur_jurasicfish... or something along those lines...
  15. Adrianrios1085


    SRD IMPORTED FROM THAILAND 4in Kamfa upon request 80$ each for SRD Message me if interested 626 203 3120
  16. Daniel36

    Flowerhorn advice

    Just wanted to post some pictures of my very first step in the hobby of fish keeping, had this guy for about 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier. He’s always eager to see me (probably thinking he’ll get some food). I keep him mostly on pellets (platinum head haunches) and the occasional...
  17. P

    Flowerhorn aquarium?

    Hello everyone, right now I am currently taking care of a zz flowerhorn. I am quite eager to know what coloured substrate and background is best to be suited for her, I have been told it can effect her colours so I'm just making sure before I purchase my new gravel.
  18. A

    Flowerhorn Identification

    Hello fellow fish keepers, I'm quite curious to know the identification/type of Flowerhorn I currently possess as of right now. My LFS has provided me with information stating that she's a female and is around 6 months in the making, I bought her roughly 4 months ago which leads her to be around...
  19. B

    Flowerhorn Fry

    Hi there! I just got 4 super red dragon flowerhorn fry, maybe a few weeks old. I am wondering what to feed them? I have tried: frozen brine shrimp mixed with garlic and vitamins crushed NLS cichlid pellets Tropical flakes First Bites They go after it, but it looks as though they spit it out...