1. L

    For Sale  3.5-4” SRD Flowerhorn

    Need to make space. Bought him a month ago. $80 bucks takes him.
  2. U

    Male or female

    Had these guys since june not too sure genes or sex anybody got any ideas?
  3. B

    Flowerhorn Help please** White fuzz/dots?!

    Hey everyone ... Tank 55g - only fish is this FH. Aquaclear HoB & Marineland C360 for filtration. Tank has been running for a year. Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Nitrates 50ppm (come out of the tap at 40) For maybe 2 weeks my Flowerhorn has been pretty itchy .. didn’t think anything of it as I have...
  4. Petrie_O

    Hi! Please help to ID my flowerhorn!

    This is my week old flowerhorn I bought from a batch of fries at a local fish store. He/she was in a 3 ft tank of around 100 fries. I selected it after an hour of viewing the tank itself. Hopefully I've selected one with potential. I'll love to hear your opinions on my fish !
  5. A

    For Sale  BEEFY Flowerhorn for Sale Miami, Florida

    This our beast Frank. He’s a 9” flowerhorn, and eats like a pig. His hump gets bigger and bigger everyday. We are relocating and cannot bring him with us. Local Pickup in Miami, Florida. Will consider shipping as a last resort.
  6. R

    For Sale  Flowerhorn kamfa

    Hello I have a flowerhorn kamfa for sale $75 5 inch located in Rosemead CA 91770 If interested txt 6262274420
  7. R

    2+ Months Battling Reoccuring HITH in Flowerhorn Please Help!!! :(

    Hello All, I know that there is already a sticky thread for HITH, but I feel that I have exhausted all suggested troubleshooting methods so I am really hoping someone with experience can help me. I imported a flowerhorn from MFishHouseThailand (who btw sold me a fish that already had HITH...
  8. F

    My flowerhorn is acting weird

    I have just moved him to a bigger tank around 2 weeks ago. He was doing fine until yesterday after I changed his water and put some algae solution, he has been acting weird since. Could the chemicals cause him to react this way, because in the past when i use the algae solution, he was not...
  9. B

    Stress In Flowerhorn

    It has been a month since I have got his. He had good Red colour. Now he had turned REALLY DARK, I assume it is because for the inappropriate WATER TEMPERATURE. I have bought a Thermometer from the Local Fish Store and was using it, the water was cold (an approx of 23c or less) I blindly trusted...
  10. B

    Hole In The Head Treatment

    I have got my flowerhorn 2 months ago he was having some stress issues lately. Today I have observed that he is having 2 hole just above his mouth. I did my research on this and found that this is a disease call HOLE IN THE HEAD but I was unable to find a proper treatment for this problem. He...
  11. L

    Flowerhorn- need opinions on what breed I possibly have

    I'm looking to see if the opinions of other fish keepers match up with what I was told my flowerhorns were by the shop. I know to expect color changes but I'd like to see what what breed I'm possibly looking at. I'll attach a couple pics of each.
  12. C

    HELP - Sick Flowerhorn

    Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum - desperate need of help! My flowerhorn has the clear/white snot-like poop so I read up on various forms and treated accordingly. However - it may not be working so any advice will help! Below is what I have completed so far. 1) Added Jungle Fungus Clear 2)...
  13. A

    Flowerhorn anal prolapse?

    So I've been having some issues with my flowerhorn, he hasn't been eating for about 4 weeks so I've been tube feeding small amounts once a day of hikari pellet mush. He is/was doing white and clear poop so i treated him with fumpid and he's a lot more active and some colour has come back. 2 days...
  14. H

    Anybody knows what is this hole?

    Hi, sorry for the poor photo, the fish is in a poorly lit hospital tank. I am trying to figure out what that hole in the head is. See the white mark on the photo? That's actually a crater in the head... Some context, I got this Flowerhorn 2-3 months ago. Thanks to COVID I didn't have a chance...
  15. C

    And I thought Dovii and Flowerhorns were unstoppable!?!

    Sad videos, but really shows what can happen if a Piranha and cichlid ever fought for territories! Frightening, I worry the Flowerhorn is blind, did it's eye get bit?? Poor dovii too. How often do you think this happens in the wild? I always thought dovii's and Amphilophus are top dogs of the...
  16. B

    Flowerhorn black patches problem and type

    My flowerhorn is having black patches on he head and on top of his body. It is really confusing I have tried many things to order to get rid of it. The water quality is good I do a 40% water change every week, I wasn't having a heater about 2 weeks earlier as I live in a tropical region and...
  17. S

    My flowerhorn stopped feeding pellets

    My flowerhorn stop taking pellets. I fed him twice daily with alternatively okiko platinum and optimum quick red. When I give him pellets he take first 1-2 pellets but having some difficulty of chewing it. But after that he take the pellet in mouth and then throw the pellet from mouth. Yesterday...
  18. S

    What is F1 Kamfa?

    Certain articles telling that a F1 kamfa or we can say a Classic kamfa is the result of breeding between Vieja species like Vieja synspilum & Vieja hartwegi. Some articles written that F1 is the result of ZZ flowerhorn & Red head cichlid (Vieja sp.). Please clarify which one is correct?
  19. A

    For Sale  Flowerhorn for sale!

    I am selling this flowerhorn. It is about 6-7in. Healthy and active I feed him/her pellets, bloodworms and shrimp. Not sure if male or female. I am in Elizabeth NJ. For more information feel free to message me. We can meet half way.
  20. rosslee

    Is Bruce starting to fade......

    Hi All, new member here saying hi to all forum members. Back drop on Bruce. He is a F2 King Kamfa (med KOK) dont like the big silly massive KOK's on fish. I dont have images of parents, but was told by the dealer if I was lucky he might fade red to white (based on parents) if not he will most...