1. m_sol

    For Sale  Cichlids for sale

    I have a couple of cichlids for sale, very aggressive. Male Jagovii $300 12” Female FH X Red Managuense $60 Female Magma red fader Flowerhorn $120. Pick up only thanks! Accept offers
  2. C

    For Sale  Multiple fish for sale

    5 synodontis eupterus 3-4” - $15each, $60 for all 5 1 synodontis ocellifer 4-5”- $20 1 female F1 Kamfa 6”- $150 (egg laying) pictures do not do her justice, fully red when fired up 1 male king king kamfa 4”- $75 1 male goldenbase, 10”+ - $75, got beat up my a larger fish but is almost fully...
  3. Bassmaster360

    Use UVB light to significantly enhance flowerhorn/fish coloration

    Get yourself a UVB lightbulb (generally used in the reptile-keeping hobby) that emits visible light, UVA, and UVB. This is the best artificial way of mimicking sunlight. Just like how sunlight gives us a tan, they enhance and deepen coloration on all fish. Don't believe all the fears online of...
  4. Bassmaster360

    Humor & Comedy: People who don't like hybrids are like Hitler

    "Species mixing is an abomination of nature" "Pure-bred cichlids are the only way to go" "Hybrids are muddying up the pure-bred gene pool" "Mixed-species fish must be eliminated" "Pure-bred cichlids are superior to mixed-species" :ROFL::popcorn:
  5. Bassmaster360

    Which of these 2 flowerhorn would you get?

    I'm trying to decide between two ~4" flowerhorn (see pics below). It's really a coin-toss for me at this point. Which one would you get and why? I only have space for one so don't say both haha. I think both are very high quality and possible masterpiece/champion material depending on how...
  6. Tunaslayer

    Want to Buy  Thai silk flowerhorn female or male

    Looking for a thaisilk available in the Southern California area. Ideally looking for a female, if you have any though please let me know standards, short bodys, or balloon bodys…. Would prefer pickup i’m open to shipping as well. Much appreciated
  7. T

    For Sale  New Fish Available.. Aimara Wolf, Vittatus, Golden base kamfa, Jegui pike, African aro

    Shipping $55 UPS Aimara - $245 (2 available) Vittatus - $125 (1 available) Golden Base Kamfa - $150 (1 available) Jegui Pike - $145 (2 available) African arowana 10-12" - $180 (3 available) Happy to combine shipping as well!
  8. A

    Pairing flowerhorns

    Hey guys I have 2 flowerhorns they are in there own seperate 3ft tanks and I was thinking about getting a 6ft and trying to pair them I’ve had them both for about 2 years now and want to use the 3fts for another project has anyone had any luck with this before. Thanks
  9. AquaScape

    4/5/22 Stocklist!! (908)634-0820 OR www.aquascapeonline.com

    Goonch Catfish 2 inch- $65 Aimara Wolf 6 inch - $500 Piraya Piranha- 2.5-3 in -- $100, 3.5-4 in-- $125, 4.5- 5 in -- $200 Boesemani Hybrid Ray 5 inch- $400 Vittatus Tigerfish 4.5-5 inch- $200 Grade A Flowerhorns 4 inch- $125 Common Wolf 5 inch- $85 Cuban cichlids (Mixed size 2-4 inch) - $50...
  10. M

    Bloated flowerhorn

    I know this has been brought up a number of times but I have a 5 year old flowerhorn with a bloated belly not eating and at bottom of the tank. I originally tried general cure for 3 days with epsom salt and peas but he wouldn’t eat and didn’t help he was floating at that point but couldn’t get...
  11. A

    For Sale  6-7" Orange King Kamfa from Vietnam $400

    Meet Otto, my beast King Kamfa Flowerhorn. I am relocating to NYC and will not have enough room for him in my new apartment. Can ship anywhere in USA, DM if interested. Bought him for $300 when he was 3"
  12. H

    Help. flowerhorn hexamite infection x 2 months

    Its been 2 months my flowerhorn have not eaten and been pooping white. What have i done to treat the infection: - moved him to a small, 1 feet quarantine tank. - Stopped feeding him altogether - Metronidazole tablets( 200mg once a day) x 5 days with Daily water changes - I did epsom salt...
  13. A

    For Sale  Severums (red tiger, red, turquoise)

    Hi there, up for sale are 9 tiger Severums sizes 6-11in. 5 turquoise 4 - 7 inches 2 spotted red, 5 - 6 inches 11 inch pleco 2 clown loaches Everything for $750 please no baller I will try selling as a group first before separating them. All fish are healthy, eating tetracolor granules, water...
  14. Ashtons Fishroom

    Why does this not look right????

    Hello everyone, my SRD vampire flowerhorn has his tube down (as he's in with a female) but he's been breathing heavy and his tube looks wider then it should be... will post pics soon, but any ideas please let me know. I have done a water change, tested my water and then female isn't acting out...
  15. F

    Just sharing LFS find Grade A White Eyed FH!

    I haven’t had a FH for years and wasn’t planning on jumping back into them. But I saw this guy at my LFS and had to grab him haven’t seen on this nice in 8-12 months. I used to see this type of quality more often years ago. Anyways I plan to keep him solo, as I don’t think he’ll tolerate a...
  16. A

    Golden Base Flowerhorn

    Hi MFK, Just want to share my Golden Base Flowerhorn.Have been following the forums quiet a while now,and following great tips on forums. This pic was taken when I had got it. Got this 3 weeks back from a Local Shop. Tank Setup : SunSun External Filter HW-603b with a Thermostat set at 28°C...
  17. J

    Help Identify this fish

    Sold as a Purple Parrot but I think it is a Flowerhorn Parrot Cross. Very interactive, fun personality but more aggressive than my blood parrots.
  18. S

    General cure API medicine questions

    Hey, my flowerhorn has been extremely boated and hasn't pooped in over a week. The other fish in there has white stringy poop so I thought he had parasites and maybe transfered it to my flowerhorn. I tried a salt soak and nothing happened. My flowerhorn is swimming and eating fine, just no poop...
  19. S

    Is my flowerhorn bloated? Please help!

    My flowerhorn still eats normally and swims normally as well. His belly just looks huge to me and I'm worried because he's my baby! Raised him from a fry. I did an epsom salt bath today for 10 minutes (that was about 4 hours ago) but nothing changed yet. He has a 75 gallon tank by himself (the...
  20. T

    For Sale  4" Kamfa Flowerhorn imported from Thailand

    Looking to start selling some of my fish through this site so this is kind of a test run. High quality fish from Mfishhouse in Thailand. Please reach out to me with any questions on this fish. I don't answer calls, please text. 801-300-3733. at $140.00 ill cover shipping Fedex, or southwest...