1. R

    265 finished (mostly)

    Picked up a 265 a few months back for 400 bucks due to a leaky seal. After resealing it and months of selecting what fish and what kind of setup I want to run I am finally about complete. Fish are in it and they are happy but I am still fine tuning for the next few weeks. Guess I should list...
  2. Bigtdotcom

    FX5/6 Replacment motor

    Hi there just wondering if I buy a replacment motor for a fx5 filter in Canada will it work safly in Australia? Canada is 120 volts and Australia is 240 volts. I know nothing about electronics, will this be safe to do or i can go about this? I am currently in Canada and can get the motor or...
  3. FishNCash

    Small Tank Owners - what's your top 3 Power Filters?

    i cannot decide between a fluval c series, marine land emperor, or ac. I am leaning toward the fluval c series but it is the priciest of the three choices. Is it really worth the price tag?