1. V

    Gar and Oscar?

    Hello so right now I have 2 oscars both 5-6 inches and when my pond was done cycling I was going to put them in there with a florida gar 12-14 inches should I worry?
  2. C

    Gar or Needlefish?

    My LFS tried to sell this to me as a gar. I argued it's a needlefish. The guy wouldn't agree and said this is Indian gar. Can anyone help please?
  3. neko1

    help with forming community predator tank

    hello, first of all. Im i in the right forum subject? Second of all I got a 2 meter aquarium around 800liters so thats 211 gallon My fish right now are : 3x polypterus (orni/delhezi/senegalus) 5x silver dollars 2x bullhead catfish (idk why but they are so friendly) 1x rope fish I wanted to add...
  4. G

    Can anyone help with my gar

    Hi.. I have had George my gar for 10 plus years - he would very randomly bank into tank and I mean very rarely however the last few weeks it has seemed to become a regular thing he speeds up and crashes even has a little white on his nose - I also know they tend to jump he never did attempt to...
  5. Jush

    Florida Gar & Salt?

    Hey, I've been attempting to grow baby Florida Gars from about August 2019. I purchased 3 back then, and quickly found it wasn't an easy task. I lost 1, sold 1 to a friend who wanted (that died) and had the final 1 until today... (that died overnight.) I also purchase 5 & then 22 babies...
  6. AquaScape

    Check out some of these newer fish we still have available!

    4"-5" Blue Hook Silver Dollars - $45.oo Ea. 10" Black Devil Wyckii Catfish - $250.oo Ea. 10" Black Wolffish- $250.oo Ea. 5"-6" Jardini Arowana- $160.oo Ea. 3" Snowball Plecos- $25.oo Ea. 2" Clown Plecos- $15.oo Ea. 2" Spotted Rubbernose Plecos - $10.oo Ea. 2" Jaguar Cichlids- $5.oo Ea. Or...
  7. jancibie

    gar 40cm

    photo from a friend's tank ...
  8. N

    First post of some of the fish that I keep

    These are some of the fish that I have currently. Although they're photos taken a month ago, there pretty much the same except that I changed the soil to soft sand in my tank. I also have 10 juvenile gars including tropical, cuban and spotted in a smaller tank but I'll try to post photos of them...
  9. perun28

    For Sale  Monster cichlids and gar

    Hi guys. I'm shutting down my tank and have for sale :
  10. P

    Why my fishes acting weird? Please help me!

    Hi guys, I'm new here from Taiwan. Don't know if it's right to post this question here. I'm sorry If anything wrong. I have a 6*2*2.5 foot tank with one 1.5 foot silver arowana, one 1.5 foot alligator gar and a 1 foot Saddled bichir. They all just eat pellets and all acted normal until last...
  11. C

    For Sale  WtB: Peacock Bass and Arowana

    Looking for all kinds of peacock bass, arowanas, gars, goonch, Rays, bowfin etc
  12. C

    For Sale  WTB: Golden Dorado and Rays

    Looking to buy golden dorado preferably young about 6"+ as well as Rays of any size and any other badass fish text me anytime 508 209 8014 and let me know what you have! Thanks
  13. Jush

    Red Gar

    What is a Red Gar? Is it a species of its own or does it follow a spotted/ florida spotted bloodline with colour morphs? Thank you
  14. Jush

    Gene variants of fish?

    So we all know Platinum is white with Black eyes Albino is White with Red eyes Melanistic is Black with Black eyes Xanthic is Red with Black eyes so what is leucistic & what is Lutino? Is leucistic another name for Platinum & Lutino a variant of Albino/ Platinum where its almost golden/ yellow...
  15. F

    latest Monster Stock list

    Below Is the Full list, we ship fedex & cargo. message us on facebook, email and call us ~ Arowana Size Availabilty Price Albino Silver 3"-4" $150 5"-6" L.S. $180 8"-10" N/A 12"+ N/A 15"-16" L.S. $1,500 Short Body Albino Silver...
  16. Jush

    Different Gar?

    Hi, I own 3 florida, 3 spotted & 1 alligator gar. However I have come across a melanistic tropical gar, what is a tropical gar, max size; etc? From a quick google search the tropical gar looks like a cuban gar with an alligator gar mouth/ headshape? But presuming theyre all their own kind? I...
  17. Jush

    Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity?

    What is a Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity? I've been told 6-7 foot, but I thought they stuck around 30 inch max similar sizes to Floridas/ Spotted gars
  18. Sarahmander

    Gar Art

    Beautiful piece of art at my local coffee shop that I wish I had been able to bring home 😂
  19. LCT8

    how to ID baby Spotted Gar and Temensis Peacock bass?

    Hi so a year ago I bought a small peacock bass and it had a lot of spots on it so i thought it was a temensis, 1 year later it turned out to be an azul so how do I ID a baby one? For spotted gars, how do I id them when they are a baby vs other species all I know is that alligator gars and...
  20. Jush

    Want to Buy  Looking for Predatory Fish!

    [PLEASE IGNORE THE REGION & STATE BECAUSE I'M BASED IN THE UK! PLEASE REFER TO "LOCATION"!] [ALSO PRICE BECAUSE DEPENDING ON WHAT THE FISH IS DETERMINES THE PRICE!] Looking for a whole host of new fish for my new upcoming system! Please get in contact with me if you have any of the following up...