1. Jush

    Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity?

    What is a Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity? I've been told 6-7 foot, but I thought they stuck around 30 inch max similar sizes to Floridas/ Spotted gars
  2. Sarahmander

    Gar Art

    Beautiful piece of art at my local coffee shop that I wish I had been able to bring home 😂
  3. LCT8

    how to ID baby Spotted Gar and Temensis Peacock bass?

    Hi so a year ago I bought a small peacock bass and it had a lot of spots on it so i thought it was a temensis, 1 year later it turned out to be an azul so how do I ID a baby one? For spotted gars, how do I id them when they are a baby vs other species all I know is that alligator gars and...
  4. Jush

    Want to Buy  Looking for Predatory Fish!

    [PLEASE IGNORE THE REGION & STATE BECAUSE I'M BASED IN THE UK! PLEASE REFER TO "LOCATION"!] [ALSO PRICE BECAUSE DEPENDING ON WHAT THE FISH IS DETERMINES THE PRICE!] Looking for a whole host of new fish for my new upcoming system! Please get in contact with me if you have any of the following up...
  5. C

    Want to Buy  Looking for gar and jardini arowana that are cheap and would need to be shipped

    Looking for gar and jardini arowana that are cheap and would need to be shipped
  6. J

    Black gar?

    Is this a true black gar, or is it just from breeding season(wild caught). Also, what the species would be(caught in Georgia).
  7. P

    300 gallon filtration

    Hello fellow addicts , I have a 300 gallon aquarium in storage and I’m trying to brainstorm some seriously overpowered filtration, obviously planning a sump but I was hoping you fine people could help me out as I’ve never had one , what can you recommend for pumps, builds and, setups. This will...
  8. P

    Spotted gar

    Looking for spotted gar does anyone have any leads on web stores that will ship to Canada or importers ??? I’ve been building towards an oddball tank and only have the spotted gar left to top off my dream tank
  9. mr cichlid

    Predatory fish up to 2.5 feet

    one-stop-shop for large established predatory tank. All you need is a big aquarium or Pond, LOL. Predator fish up to 2.5 feet in length. Majority of these fish have grown up together. They can be housed with large cichlids and many oddball species. Research what cichlid would be best. -wild...
  10. L

    Flagtail Prochilodus question

    So I'm planning on getting a semaprochilodus taeniurus. I'm currently iffy about it now because of what I read about them. Do they really turn to savage slime coat suckers? I currently have a florida gar and a couple of bichirs in the tank. Is there a way to prevent a flagtail from sucking on my...
  11. L

    Baby Gar swim bladder disease? HELP

    Just found my 4" Florida Gar floating on top of the tank. Looks like a swim bladder problem since it can't swim down at all. Just did a 30% water change. Tank is at 80F. What do I do? He looks so lifeless. I don't want to lose the lil guy.
  12. L

    Is this normal for a Gar?

    I just got a 4-5" Gar sold to me as a Spotted Gar, but after reading a bit here, it's most likely a Florida. Anyways, I just watched the lil guy go for 0/15 in his attempts to catch the 20 feeder guppies i have in the 30g tank with him before I lost patience and left haha. Dude sucks at...
  13. troutman54

    how to feed my gar

    I have a longnose gar(named jerry) and 2 oscars, I feed the oscars a large variety of food but try to stay away from feeder fish but the only thing jerry eats is live feeders. when I put a feeder in the tank for him the oscars will try to eat them if jerry doesnt get to it quick enough are there...
  14. J

    Is it possible that an alligator gar can eat another gar?

    i have 3 alligator gar the biggest is about 8 — 9´´ and the two is about 5 — 6 inches. Last I saw them complete was around 8pm and an hour later my sisters boyfriend saw 2 left. I was wondering if it’s possible that the biggest alligator gar ate the smallest one or not? And the now smallest gar...
  15. J

    Do gars need a substrate?

    Do I need a substrate for my gar tank or can I just leave it bare bottom? Thanks in advance!! - Chris
  16. P

    Spotted Garfish skin disease

    Anybody know what is happening to my gar? Can someone tell me the name of the disease?
  17. L

    Stocking for 400 Gallon concrete pond

    Hello everyone, I have created a 400 gallon concrete pond (6'X3'X3'). I want to stock some predator fishes. In my LFS there are some spotted gars (18inch & 3-4inch), silver arowana (5-8inch), small RTCs (2-3inch), Oscars (small to large). Besides this I have also raised 2 Oscars from baby to...
  18. R

    Marbled Gar Photoshoot

    Just a few pics of my marbled gar enjoy..
  19. le_fish

    Seachem Flourish safe for Stingrays?

    Hi guys, I have a piece of large driftwood with massive Crypts growing on it, there are two Stingrays and three Spotted Gars in the tank. Will Seachem Flourish have any negative affects on the rays and gars at all when I dose the water after a W/C? Thanks in advance for any help.