1. Ashan Kavinda

    My 180 Gallons Tank

  2. S

    SEEKING ADVICE: New Tank (Fish Suggestions and Setup)

    Hi everyone! 🐟 🐠 Since all of you are very knowledgeable, any and all help is appreciated. The tank is a roughly 43 gallon eurobraced acrylic (48in L X 13in W X 16in H). Planning to upgrade in the future, for larger fish. I have a sump setup, but I need advice on a lighting/heating setup...
  3. K

    Red Garnet users

    Who has the hookup on Red Garnet Sand? I want some for my tanks, but only garnet I could find is a 30/60 grain which is pretty fine and very pale red, almost pinkish/purple. Where can I get some of the darker red, denser garnet from?