goonch catfish

  1. AquaScape

    Monster Fish! Golden Dorado, Goonch Cats & MORE!

    Goonch Catfish(Bagarius yarrelli) 3"-4" $65.oo Ea. 7” $200.oo Ea. Golden Dorado(Salminus brasiliensis) 2”-3” $65.oo Ea. Redtail Barracuda(Acestrorhynchus falcatus) 6”...
  2. Miks786

    Goonch Wanted in South africa

    Hey guys does anyone know where i can find a Goonch Catfish in South Africa??? Urgently trying to find one
  3. jonah h2o


    saw this goonch on eBay! its decent size too. how big a tank is needed for these guys anyway, Ive seen some pics of big ones and I would guess a few 1000 gallons. hope to have one someday. I assume a lot of people on here would love to have a fish that was on river monsters! how rare are these...
  4. F

    Goonch catfish in cold water pond

    Hello all, I was curious about something. Since goonch catfish are considered cold water, cold they live in an outdoor pond in NY year round? Of course with a powerful aireator and a powerhead if neccesary. Is it possible or is it too cold?