green texas

  1. I

    New Texas cichlid sexing

    So I have two Texas cichlids the other one is a sexed female I posted her on last thread this new one I got from a breeder he told me sexed male any suggestions it’s about 2.5” but it’s fins aren’t pointed it’s a vontehillo
  2. James Quarterman

    For Sale  8in Green Texas (M)

    Pick up only For sale OR Trade (Text me pics of fish you wish to trade (352)208-5045 )
  3. joegriggs

    Carpintis in 200 gal community

    Just moved this guy/gal into my 200 gal community, I'd say around just over 3" ATM. Might start to use this thread to timeline his progress as he grows. Starting to show some real potential imo. I'll hopefully get some better pics today once settled. Let me know what you think?
  4. Jexnell

    FREE | Green Texas cichlid 2.5in | $0 | Vancouver, Washington | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FREE What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Green Texas cichlid 2.5in What are your prices?: 0 Where are you located?: Vancouver, Washington Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Got as a group of different juvenile cichlids, ended up with a breeding pair...
  5. Lil g

    Super green texas sexing

    This little guy has been terrorizing my entire tank full of cichlids and has nearly killed A flowerhorn and a green terror.. I'm trying to figure out why it only chases and trys to kill only the females in the tank but yet only allows the female convict anywhere near it. I thought it was a male...
  6. Kaliedoscope

    Short Body Gt (Eds Breed)

    SBGT From Eds breed (izzy here) Continued on another 2 generations adding hondo (+worm pearl) These have proven themselves to be the healthiest and most perfect sb breed I have ever encountered. God bless you Edwyn, you are a genius.
  7. Sizzy905

    Aggressive cichlid tank

    I'm thinking of starting another 75 gallon tank, I actually wanna get a larger one but due to limited space now since I already got a 75 recently, I think another 4 foot tank is the way to go. I want to stock aggressive cichlids in this one. I really love jags but I know 75 isn't enough for...
  8. brittneyelz

    Need Help with my Canister

    i have Ehiem 3 canister filter in my 120gal. I have never had a canister filter before and my tank is starting to smell a little and im not sure how to fix the issue. there is a green tint to it that I cant seem to get rid of with weekly water changes ect. im sure there are a lot of different...