1. Wailua Boy

    Post Your Livebearers Here

    Yep, I did it; its a livebearer thread. Let's see what you guys keep. They make great dithers and there's so many different kind. I'll start with a lyretail line I've been raising for a while. They grow fairly large for a sword. Here's a young male and non lyretail female. I'll see if I can find...
  2. C

    A bristle nose, guppies, and snails

    I have a 30gal tank that I'm breeding some guppies in (for Oscar food) and am temporarily housing a bristle nose pleco in. I have a general back of the tank filter and do at least one water change a week, but I'm getting overrun with snails. Mainly because I over feed a little (flakes and...
  3. L

    FREE  Giving away a mix of guppies as feeders(too many)

    Giving away guppies, good for beginners, ages 3 to 4 months come to bukit gombak station block 369 #06-511