1. J

    Submersible Heaters and Pond Liners

    I recently built an indoor plywood pond. I was trying to figure how to use my submersible heaters without burning the pond liner. I have heater covers, but didnt know if that would be enough
  2. Tom the bomb

    (saltwater? I dunno if i should post here.) Lionfish compatibility and other questions

    I'm setting up a Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XXL 750 (200-gallons) and I'm planning to put a clearfin lionfish as the main fish. I was originally thinking of Niger triggerfish since they were the least aggressive of the triggerfish but after browsing through some forums, they often said that...
  3. S

    SEEKING ADVICE: New Tank (Fish Suggestions and Setup)

    Hi everyone! ? ? Since all of you are very knowledgeable, any and all help is appreciated. The tank is a roughly 43 gallon eurobraced acrylic (48in L X 13in W X 16in H). Planning to upgrade in the future, for larger fish. I have a sump setup, but I need advice on a lighting/heating setup...
  4. Grinch

    Sick of battling submersible heaters

    With 3 winters in our basement fishroom under our belts, I am finally ready to admit, I am sick of battling submersible heaters. They all seem to have their own heating profile. :mad::mad: If you had to heat a busy fish room with little space (wall, floor, or otherwise), how would you heat it...
  5. W

    Heat a 1250 s/f home with only fish tanks?

    Is this possible? Anyone done this beyond the fishroom level? Furnace is busted and winter is coming. Suffered a $500 bill one month this past winter running a space heater in the main living space. Looking for alternatives. Some details: Drafty, but plastic sealed windows at the moment and...