1. GraveyardHound

    5g CRS Tank (Plant Advice)

    For some reason in September I decided to set up a high-tech 5g Crystal Red S tank. I guess I forgot how hard it is to maintain a nano tank. Anyways, I have been struggling with this tank since then. There were some bumps in the road but now it is nice and stable. However, some of the plants...
  2. R

    Problems with overflow too slow

    I'm trying to do this overflow system: So I found some flexible pipe for a good price and a diagonal T PVC pipe. (Ignore the grey tube, is my current filtration) I filled the tube till the top, and suck the air out of the first curve, making the siphon until the T joint. I positioned the T...
  3. Vertigon_z

    Help or Advice: Scarlet Pleco Stomach and Anus look weird

    Good Morning All, I noticed one of my Scarlet Plecos currently in my 180 Gallon stomach looks a bit weird and also his anus area has a small protrusion. I tested the water and ph was 7.2, ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate < 30 PPM. I am strict about water changes and Filter maintenance and have...
  4. PGJE

    Reef salt mix bucket smelling like chemicals?

    I use a semi-large plastic tub for mixing saltwater, and I made a batch a couple of days ago. I realized that after leaving it out for a day the inside of the container starts to smell really strongly like a cleaning chemical or burning plastic. Is this the wrong material? Should I stop using...
  5. D

    Is my tank failing?

    Hey guys i just bought this used tank a few weeks ago and i noticed alot of "crazing" . Also, im not sure if the seams look normal, this is my fist acrylic tank and im worried it wont hold up. Can someone looks at these photos and tell me how screwed i am? The tank is perfectly levelled but...
  6. PGJE

    Diatoms or Dinos?

    Sorry for posting so much, I’m the ultimate noob when it comes to saltwater... anyways here are some pics of the algae in my tank, what is it? If it’s dinoflagellates how do I get rid of it? Is there a way to tell which is which, like spraying it with a turkey baster?
  7. PGJE

    Questions about evaporation?

    When the tank water goes down, but the water stays, the salinity increases. I read that the way to counteract that is to add dechlorinated fresh water, and I was wondering how you do that. Do you just fill the tank back to it’s original level? Also, would adding freshwater have any negative...
  8. PGJE

    Finally, after years of dreaming, I started my first reef tank! anyways, I have a few questions about cycling...

    Alright so I properly mixed the reef salt, salinity is 1.022 ppt, Ph is around 8.1, and I have everything set up that I need. I JUST added the water to the tank, like, 10 minutes ago. I have the bacteria bottle that I will add to the tank to start the cycling process, but I have a few questions...
  9. L

    Red Tail Catfish Transfer

    So I recently transferred my 14” Red Tail Cat into a 600 gallon pool, ever since I put him in, he hasn’t much at all and I don’t know why. I put him in about 2-3 weeks ago. PLEASE HELP!!!
  10. S

    Sick Tiger Barb

    Tiger barb has some sort of growth on his tail. I can’t find an exact diagnosis while searching around and there are no fish vets near me that I know of. The growth appeared about 4-5 days ago and I’ve been treating the worst affected barbs with Furan 2, about to do the fourth dose today. The...
  11. Jacob._.merc

    Fish not eating anything I feed them

    So as you all know I have had an aggressive blood parrot that wouldn't allow my dragon blood peacock in the 90 gallon tank with him. Well things decided to work out I guess and she has accepted living with him in the tank. The only problem I have now is my fish will not eat absolutely anything I...
  12. Goldenburd

    Just rescued this cichlid and i was wondering what type it was

    Hi so my local physical therapy office had a cichlid in a 15 or 20g and they where waiting for it to die to get new fish and im lije you want me to take it off your hands and they said that they would be gappy to get rid of him or her. So i git him and i don't know what type or sex ir anything...
  13. W

    Alligator Gar Illness Unknown

    Hello all! I recently got an alligator gar. It is around 15 inches but he seems to be developing some holes and whiteness on the tip of its nose. I moved him to the quarantine tank and started treating for HITH. I wanted to know if anyone has seen this before and know of a way to treat it...
  14. Jacob._.merc

    African cichlid size

    Would a 4 inch peacock be okay with a 7 inch eyebiter? Not worrying about the other fish in the tank because they don't have huge mouths like the eyebiter. 90 gallon setup
  15. Jacob._.merc

    Fish gender help

    greetings again, I have a 6 inch Fossorochromis rostratus and I am having a bit of trouble identifying the gender. It has female coloration right now but I've seen some males with the same coloration. If it could be a male, how long does it take for it to get that bluish color? If it is female...
  16. A

    Baby Ornate Bichir With Red Stomache

    Hi, I’m new to this form and I just recently got a baby Ornate Bichir. Today I was cleaning Dragons tank when I noticed her belly Looked irritated and bright red. I googled Ornate Bichir stomache irritation and saw a form that talked about Bichirs having red irritation around their anal fin...
  17. Rell XV

    Making my Kelberi Less Skittish Need Help

    Currently I have 5 golden Kelberi Bass ranging from 6"-8" in length. They're housed in a 1000 gallon aquarium with lots of plastic plants and hiding spots in the tank. Their only other tankmates are an Oscar about 7", a Green Severum around 11", a Managuense around 13", a Endlicheri around 18"...
  18. J

    Iridescent Shark Help

    This morning my 14 inch iridescent shark laying on its side. It begins to thrash when nudged with my net. I dont know what was wrong with it. I added some salt to the tank, and left the lights of. It was dead by the time by the evening. I have another iridescent shark in my tank, and I am...
  19. M

    Sick black barred dollars

    Hi there, looking for some help with my black barred silver dollars - they have bloody type marking on them - see photos. I’ve tried stress coat, massive water changes, smaller water changes, parasite treatment, ich treatments (although there are no white spots on any fish) they are eating ok...
  20. J

    Green Terror with sunken belly. HELP PLEASE!

    Hi guys! I have a juvenile green terror along with 3 blue scars cichlids in my 75 gallon tank. For the last month or 2 my fish have stopped eating. They’ll taste certain foods and then spit it out all together. I then noticed that my green terror has sunken belly which leads me to believe it is...