1. H

    I need some help with my koi!!!!

    I have my koi in the pond normally all summer but I took three of my favorite ones out to put in my 300 gallon tank since I recently took it down and has been sitting empty. All the koi in the pond are eating and they seem happy. But when I took these three out I've noticed they have red...
  2. ΡredatoryFishLover

    where to buy large tanks from?

    Hey, I've been looking into getting a large acrylic tank (anywhere from 300-700 Gallons), but I have been struggling to locate one at the right price and right area. Are there any suggestions or recommendations on where to look or to go to acquire one? I know MonsterFishKeepers is a great option...
  3. m_sol

    Can this be Camallanus Worms

    I pulled this out of my silver dollar.. am I f*****? Last pic had to take my frustration out, I have to aimaras in here with the silver dollars smh.
  4. m_sol

    Help ID African Tiger fish

    Good afternoon everyone! Can anyone help ID this fella, thanks in advanced! Also I apologize if I submitted the post in the wrong thread. Thanks again!
  5. G

    Please help!!!!!!

    I recently switched my fish into a 40 breeder tank. We had a handful for bala sharks, two spiny eels, a tire track, and some black skirt tetras. We added in a pleco, cat fish, and some killifish. They’ve all been doing fine until this passed week, all the sharks died for no reason, same with the...
  6. stevbo200

    Dovi sexting help

    Haven’t posted on here in quite some time. I picked up this dovi few months ago having no idea what sex it was, now that it’s have grown a bit I’m leaning towards a female from the gold color and lack of spots on the tail. Just wanna see what kind of trouble I’m looking at as it grows seeing...
  7. C

    Pond Filter vs Canister Filter

    Good morning all, I'll currently in the process of setting up a drilled 270 (84x24x31) and as much as I'd love to do a sump the weight constraints of the tank location won't allow me to put another 1200 pounds of weight on floor. Long story short this will be the forever home for my Fahaka...
  8. hproxy07

    What is this on my pangasius?

    I recently did a 70% water change and noticed this white film on my pangasius, like it's shedding skin. Is this normal?
  9. E

    Longterm Oscar bloat - what can be done?

    I have a Oscar fish who has gotten pretty bloated as of the last month. He behaves normally, eats normally, etc. Today he was very sluggish, but ate normally yesterday. Fasting did not result in bloating going away, tried this for 4 days without food, then a week at 30% feedings, and then 70%...
  10. C

    Potential Malawi Bloat on one Saulosi and Sunken belly on other?

    Hello all! I have had these saulosi for a little over a year. No issues whatsoever. Have always fed a high quality flake (Yourfishstuff brand veggivore flakes) I just want to check with you all and see if this looks normal to you or if you think the male saulosi in question has bloat and the...
  11. H


    My fahaka puffer is probably about 6 7 in size I've never seen them with ich before but yesterday after coming home from work I noticed he has little white specks all over him All the other fish in the tank seemed to be ich free. He is eating great still I raised the temp up to 80° and added...
  12. E


    Hello everyone, I have had this Oscar for a couple weeks and he was doing great in the tank. He loves to eat and always comes out when I get close. I saw 2 days ago he had some white spots and I immediately thought it was ich. I was told ich spreads fast so I waited a day to see if it was ich...
  13. L

    stocking ideas for a 135 gallon?

    Hey y’all, this is my first post here but I’m a lurker. I have a 135 gallon acrylic tank I just picked up dirt cheap and buffed out. I’m upgrading from a 75 gallon and am really rethinking all my stocking. Need help! for now I have: 1x Oscar 4 inches 1x green terror 4 inches 1x Gold Severum...
  14. E

    Help! Fish dying and I don’t know why!

    I’ve been keeping fish for a while and have kept pretty much everything under the sun yet I have no clue what’s going on in my 75 gallon biotope. About 2 weeks ago I lost three juvenile red head tapajos each 2 days apart from eachother, all eating well, fully colored up, healthy looking fish...
  15. D

    Motoro stingray help

    Looking for some help. I’ve owned my four motoro stingrays for about 4 years. 2 boys and 2 girls. We lost one of our females, because a male got her pregnant and we lost her during birthing. That was a year ago, they were all in a 700 gallon tank. When we lost her we took the other female Luna...
  16. H

    Help ID?

    I just wanted to no if anyone has seen this before or have any idea what these are.? They don't move so I think, but I noticed one of them on a rock months ago and now there allover my rocks. I just want to make sure it's not a type of worm that could harm my fish bc my arowana has been acting...
  17. H

    Arowana not eating!!??

    Hello so my one foot arowana just stopped eat for no reason it's only been two days but he normally will eat twice a day. He seems skittish in the tank as well. It's not like he doesn't have room it's a 300 gallon tank! But there are 9 angel fish in there with him my thoughts were maybe he's...
  18. A

    New - Stock my 190 gallon

    Hey everyone. I need some advice stocking my new 190gal. Ive been reading on this site for years, now i need your help! I have been a fishkeeper for 8 years. I have kept a little bit of everything, in the last couple of years i have been into American Cichlids. I currently have: 1 Cuban cichlid...
  19. C


    Hello today my golden aro has died, he had been perfectly fine all day long then I come back and he's dead. Tank parameters are in pictures. Prior to this big 2ft silver aro died looked beaten by cat. Water parameters checked normal levels, did water change. Next day peacock bass does, water...
  20. H

    How to treat bichirs with Columnaris?

    I have two bichirs that are showing white spots on their tail that are beginning to gradually grow. There is no fuzz so I’m 99% sure it’s Columnaris. I can’t get a lot of the good fish medications due to a bunch of restrictions, but I have aquarium salt, stuff called fungus clear that has some...