1. G

    Injured arrowana, missing an eye

    Hey everyone, unfortunately my arrowana suffered an injury last night. He’s in a grow out tank, and he is a baby. He is missing an eye, looks like it got picked out by a tank mate, and his fins are extremely damaged. I put him in a quarantine bucket in the tank to separate him from the rest, and...
  2. C

    Redtail Catfish FinRot

    My 500 gallon stocked with 4 aros 2 RTC and a peacock with the weather recently had a bad spike in ammonia and nitrate, prior to spike ammonia .5, nitrate 20ppm. After spike (overnight) ammonia over 8, nitrate over 160, 2 arows dead, prior day had eaten normally and night time had shown no signs...
  3. L

    American cichlid tank with a peacock eel?

    Wondering if my idea would work. I have a 95 gallon tank but it has a looot of decor so practically a 90 with an 8inch Red Devil, 3inch and 1nch firemouths, and 4.5 inch convicts and wanted to add a Peacock eel. Fish get along great together, I’ve had the tank for a year. Thoughts?
  4. L

    How would you do it? Overflows, PVC Size (230 & 310 US Gallons!)

    Hello, I recently got 2 new aquariums, one of these will be a big upgrade for my African cichlids and the other I'm planning on using for when I get my first freshwater stingray. The stingray I'm planning on getting is a mini marble motoro and will have 3 mono pbass. My tanks are getting...
  5. Z

    Recommended fish to put with my current inhabitants on my 150 gallon

    Hey there! I recently purchased a 150 gallon aquarium along with all of the filtration and setup required, which is a huge step up considering I've only ever had a 55 minus the larger DIY ponds I've built lol. I currently have 4 silver dollars, a common pleco, and a Jack Dempsey in the tank...
  6. M

    Bloated flowerhorn

    I know this has been brought up a number of times but I have a 5 year old flowerhorn with a bloated belly not eating and at bottom of the tank. I originally tried general cure for 3 days with epsom salt and peas but he wouldn’t eat and didn’t help he was floating at that point but couldn’t get...
  7. S

    Back again with the steel framed 400g, started removing old silicone to reseal and found some odd design choices, potential issues?

    So the grand saga of this tank continues. I worked up the nerve to start removing the silicone to fix this damn thing, but I've run into a few odd design choices that have me worried I might have bitten off more than I can chew, so I thought It'd be worth asking about. 1: The bottom of the tank...
  8. S

    So my new 400g has a very slow leak somewhere in the bottom seam, but I don't have the means to reseal the entire tank, suggestions?

    So the 400g w/ a steel frame that I picked up has developed 2 small leaks in the bottom of the frame during filling, one somewhere in the bottom lefthand corner and another behind the aquarium also on the left side. I'm draining it now, but removing all the silcone from the tank just isn't a...
  9. Q

    L27 Xingu Royal Pleco HELP PLZ!!

    It's a long story but please bear with me I need as much help/advice anyone can give for my new baby L27 Xingu Royal Pleco. Yesterday I went to petco to purchase a pleco. I am new to the aquatic world and only had my small 10 gallon tank for a week now. My top dwellers are 3 guppies and 2 red...
  10. The Masked Shadow

    Petco Plants?

    I have a 50 dollar petco gift card. I want to buy some plants from them, but I would be buying them for my prized possession tank, which I DO NOT want to deal with diseases or parasites.
  11. The Masked Shadow

    Help with choosing Aquatic Plants!

    Hey, I have a 90g tank (48”x24”widex18”) The soil is 100lbs of Black Diamond sand. I also have a Very large piece of manzanita wood in it. The tank wil have 6 different bichir species and a leopard Ctenopama. I want a few hardy green plants, and atleast one red plant. Suggestions?
  12. D

    Please help me identify my Asian Arowana RTG/HBRTG/Banjar Red/ Green

    Hi so I bought this fish a week ago assuming it was an RTG/HBRTG Arowana, the shopkeeper told me it was and after crosschecking with google image it looks similar enough. I was gonna pick it up this Saturday but after googling some more I started to doubt myself. Turns out juvenile RTG/HBRTG...
  13. I

    Arapaima Eye Wound

    Help, arapaima's one eye injured he is currently 2.5ft in length. I have no idea how this happened. Have few driftwoods in there. He is in a 1000 gallons pond for now.
  14. K

    Green terror hole in the head?

    So I noticed a week ago that my green terror won’t eat any food and has small pin sized holes on his head, I’ve been treating general cure as box instructed. But it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, I do a 25% wc twice a week and bumped it to 50%. Nitrates tend to stay at 20/30. I guess my...
  15. xenacanth9

    Weird Figure 8 Puffer phenomenon

    @Deadeye brought this to my attention, and I can't unthink it. Ever noticed how F8s almost always look either like this: Or this?: I've always found it sort of odd. They definitely are two distinct patterns, and even different body shapes. Do any of you know if this has anything to do with...
  16. xenacanth9

    Anyone keep these?

    This is a Nandus black tiger leaffish. Not to be confused with black tiger badis. An LFS had one some of these not long ago but I did not end up getting any. They were $15. Are these totally freshwater, or brackish like some other Nandus? How big do they get? I couldn't find a ton of info. Are...
  17. S

    General cure API medicine questions

    Hey, my flowerhorn has been extremely boated and hasn't pooped in over a week. The other fish in there has white stringy poop so I thought he had parasites and maybe transfered it to my flowerhorn. I tried a salt soak and nothing happened. My flowerhorn is swimming and eating fine, just no poop...
  18. S

    Is my flowerhorn bloated? Please help!

    My flowerhorn still eats normally and swims normally as well. His belly just looks huge to me and I'm worried because he's my baby! Raised him from a fry. I did an epsom salt bath today for 10 minutes (that was about 4 hours ago) but nothing changed yet. He has a 75 gallon tank by himself (the...
  19. W

    How to propagate Umbrella hairgrass?

    Hello everyone I have planted one of my aquariums with the umbrella hair grass(it's different from hairgrass ie. It gets taller and has seeds at end of its blades that grow into hairgrass) It so happned that my aquarium is facing a window from one side and the plants on that side have grown...