honduran red point

  1. E

    For Sale  3.5” Convict x Honduran Red Point Hybrid For Sale

    I’ve got a 3-3.5” Convict x Honduran Red Point Hybrid for sale. I’m located in Baltimore, Maryland. Perfectly healthy fish no issues at all my reason for selling is due to him bullying a JD of mine who’s become very stressed because of it. Here is a photo of him, even this photo does not do...
  2. H

    Honduran Red point weird mate preference

    Apparently my Male Honduran Red Point is overly aggressive towards the female picking on her but thankfully not to life threatening levels. Any who i noticed that the male has shown a strange preference towards convict females. What can i do to hopefully improve his interest towards his own...
  3. H

    Honduran Red Point Biotope tankmates?

    I acquired a pair of Honduran red points and was planning to do a biotope that seeks to replicate the species found in their natural habitat in the honduras. I'd like to ask what common (as acquiring fish are probably hard) aquarium fish species are found in there natural habitat? As of now i've...
  4. Hybridfish7


    I just fried my brain trying to see how these things would work and what I'm going to do... So my initial plan was to get a 20 gallon tank with a marbled honduran red point and some tetras. As for the tetras, I was thinking about getting either Columbian blue and red tetras or long fin serpae...
  5. Jexnell

    My Cichlids

    Here are some vids of my current cichlids. Sorry not the best, working with what I got to film them anyways here ya go
  6. Twonvito

    honduran red point

    Hmmm.. Houston we have a problem. First let me start by saying holy smokes Batman. My honduran red point ( Cryptoheros or Amatitlania ) which ever is being used at the moment Has layed eggs. Which is funny biggest she formerly known as he was the biggest and only survivor from the one I has...
  7. Naos1984

    Honduran red points and plants, compatible?

    Who among here had HRP's in planted tanks before? Are they any danger to plants? I mean plants beside the already hardy java ferns, amazonnswords and anubias?