1. S

    Need Help Sexing a Red Texas Hybrid Cichlid

    Hi Everyone, I have this Red Texas cichlid (Blood Parrot x Texas) and I can't tell if it's female or male. It's 7 inches in size and no nuchal hump. So I'm pretty certain it must be female but thought I'd post here and ask around anyway.
  2. Cichlids keeper

    What type of Black Nasty is this one?

    I know there are two types of Black Nasties, but I can't tell which types this one is. If anyone know please tell me.
  3. U

    Compatibility questions + please help identify + Bala Shark in 70Gal?

    Hello, I have an ***h0le blue texas (25cm) and a common pleco(30cm) in a 45gal (obviously a nano tank for this fish, I know, please don't trow rocks at me, I water change religiously) with a bunch of snaks (guppies). I'm buying a 70 galon this weekend as an upgrade. The problem is , there...
  4. mattybecks

    Asian Arowana ID

    So I managed to get an Asian Arowana from a fish wholesaler in a little emirate here called Ajman. (next to Dubai/Sharjah). I have never seen such a variety of fish before, or prices like these. There are pretty much no restrictions on what you can get. Anyway the guy told me the Aro was a new...
  5. Jacob._.merc

    Fish gender help

    greetings again, I have a 6 inch Fossorochromis rostratus and I am having a bit of trouble identifying the gender. It has female coloration right now but I've seen some males with the same coloration. If it could be a male, how long does it take for it to get that bluish color? If it is female...
  6. A

    Are they cichla monoculus, ocellaris, orinocensis or kelberi?

    Hello guys and in this way I want to tell you that I'm very glad that I found a forum where I can really learn because in Romania there are not many keepers of monster fish or especially american cichlids. I have a question that's been bothering me for a couple of months and I can't find a real...
  7. J

    True or False Tirginus?

    I found this little guy for sale, and wanted to know if it was the real deal. They have him listed at 200$
  8. W

    Identify this species of Ray for me

    Saw these 2 rays at a LFS. They were $500 each and was in a freshwater tank. Could anybody identify them for me?
  9. AlexCR

    Weird Spots on fish

    Hi everyone. This fish is in a communitarian thank with some American cichlids. First I would like to know if this is an Mbuna, and second, those brown marks in all his body wasn't there according to my colleges. It is a disease or it is normal on them? i assume due to the setup of the aquarium...
  10. Jacob._.merc

    Cichlid identification

    Can anyone identify this cichlid? I know it's an African cichlid, at the store it was labeled under it's scientific name but I of course forgot it. Any ideas? Never seen one like it before.
  11. cichlidsickness

    Vieja ID

    Picked these up as vieja argentea at the 1 inch size from my LFS. Quickly realized they werent argentea when i noticed the red tint on the tails. Theyre about 4 inches now. Im thinking hartwegi? Im not sure since ive only kept viejas once! First 3 pics are the same fish. Last 2 pics are...
  12. R

    I can't identify my arowana, please help me.

    My arowana is 6 inches, I don't know the gender either... can you guys please help me? I am from India and my friend gifted me this arowana, I feel it's rude to ask her
  13. H

    Severum Identification

    I was sold a turquoise severum yesterday, but the more I look at him, the less he looks like a severum. The body seems too long and there seems to be no stripped bands at all. It was the last one among a mix of golden and turquoise severums so that is a possibility as well. If this is not a...
  14. S

    Tank Mates for Gibbiceps?

    Tank Mates Question. Ready to upgrade and want to know what may be best to add. Currently: I have a 40 gal/ the upgrade likely to 90 gal. Gibbiceps is 5 or 6 years old. He is in a freshwater tank and is almost 14 inches long. Artificial plants. As of 2 days ago, I have two more fish- I was...
  15. jack jahnke

    Help mw id my speices of peacock bass

    I was told he was an orino when i got him but it also kinda looks like a kelberi but im honestly not sure at all he is about 11 3/4 inches rn just starting to get his adult colors in
  16. K

    Trouble identifying new catfish?

    Hi there everyone. I’m new to this forum, but thought I’d join in hopes of positively identifying a new catfish I’ve acquired and some info about it. I got it labeled as an albino Asian redtail catfish. It was also dubbed by the previous owner as extremely aggressive. I currently have it...
  17. T

    Cichlid ID (what is this?)

    So after posting this in the salt section haha Hey there every one. I'm new here, in fact, this is what prompted me to sign up. So I have a cichlid it's around 2 inches in length as it stands right now. I bought it with one other cichlid and was told it it was a chocolate cichlid like other...
  18. S

    Black convict/ possibly hybrid identification?

    Hey guys, i ordered a few black convicts from liveaquaria a while back, as they matured both developed orange on the sides so I assumed they were female, well one day I noticed one of them was starting to pick up some odd coloration I've never had on a convict, especially not a female. Well now...
  19. H

    sex of baby Flower horn..

    I bought a baby flower horn,a week ago,i want to know the sex of the flower horn... Any help would be appreciated...
  20. FishSwarm

    Help ID Chichlid females breeding with Z-Rock Yellow Blaze Lithobate?

    Hi all, my first post here. Can't wait to start getting involved with this great community. I have tons to talk about and experiences to share. So much to do and so little time while I setup my half basement fish room. This site has been extremely helpful for me on making decisions on steel...