1. I

    Small growth/infection on green terror fin

    Was watching the tank and I just noticed a growth on my male gts fin. Idk what it is and never had a fish with this issue it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all. I’m wondering if I should be worried or it will probably go away on its own. Him and his female are in breeding mode and he’s...
  2. N

    Is this a fungal or parasitic problem?

    Hi, can I ask for some help from you guys again? Currently I own an asian aro. He/she lives in 500-ish litre tank (I think, the tank dimension is 1,6 m x 60-70 cm x 60 cm). I don't know about the exact biological age of my fish but I think I bought him 7 or 7,5 years ago. I guess I can say...
  3. B

    Flowerhorn Help please** White fuzz/dots?!

    Hey everyone ... Tank 55g - only fish is this FH. Aquaclear HoB & Marineland C360 for filtration. Tank has been running for a year. Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Nitrates 50ppm (come out of the tap at 40) For maybe 2 weeks my Flowerhorn has been pretty itchy .. didn’t think anything of it as I have...
  4. D

    Possible infection?

    Hello, I noticed a couple days ago a white spot on my piranhas flank. I don’t think it’s ich, I’m thinking it’s an infection from a possible bite mark. I’ve attached a photo, what does it look like to you? Also any ideas on treatments? He’s been acting pretty normal, eating fine, not breathing...
  5. A

    Flower horn bulged belly

    I have got a new 3-4 inch flower horn yesterday and it has a fat belly. He is very active though. Feeding him 6 xo humpy head pellets 2 times a day keeping 12 hrs gap. He was very stressed in the fish store. Does it have some bacterial infection?? Or just a constipation?? Your guidence is really...
  6. F

    Help! Is this a parasite or illness?

    I noticed this red “thing” on my African Pikes tail and I don’t know what it is. Can some tell me if this is dangerous? I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’ve attached some images. If anyone knows what this is please help. Thank You.
  7. Iamfish

    Mystus catfish cut infected?

    So a couple of weeks ago my mystus mysticetus got spooked a hit himself on the glass and got a small cut. Today I noticed that it had not healed and gotten bigger, is it infected and if so what should I do?
  8. B

    Help, sick green terror

    Noticing some fading on him, his orange tips are now white at the ends??? He seems very interested in food but spits it all back out after eating. He has long white stringy poop. And somewhat normal behaviors, been treating with melafix api, no help, any ideas!?!?
  9. E

    How to treat bacterial infection & planaria worms simultaneously?

    Hi folks, Sorry for the long post. Those of you who take the time to read this, many thanks in advance. I suspect my polypterus delhezi has some of infection: he's become less active and is eating less than usual. I raised the tank temperature and thought I'd treat with aquarium salt. But...
  10. T

    Betta with fungal infection

    My male veiltail betta has what I'm pretty positive is a fungal infection. I'm keeping him quarantined in warm water, (80 degrees) treated with salt and melafix. I'm also feeding him a mix of blood worms, hikari brand granules, and freeze dried shrimp flakes. He isnt looking any better, and it's...
  11. J

    Please help... panicking

    Hey guys, been shadowing your forums for a long time but this is my first post. I do a lot of research and am very careful so I have not needed much assistance in the past. Unfortunately, I do now. Here's my story, 60 gallon freshwater, been established for a few months. Penguin 350 with 2 bio...
  12. GamerChick5567

    Friend's Molly has Issues?

    Hey all, thought I would do my buddy from another forum a favor and post this here. We are both a bit stumped on this. Long story, but basically a while ago he upgraded to a 60 gallon tank from his 20 gallon. His mom is a douche and refused to listen to him when he told her not to mess with the...
  13. N

    Zit like sore at base of dorsal fin

    So my Escondido has a what looks like a zit or ingrown hair right where the dorsal fin meets the body. I tried to take pictures but i cant get anything that actually is visible on the pic. Has anyone see something like this? It literally is right on the body where the dorsal fin grows, even...
  14. M

    Help! What medication should I use for my plecos?

    I really have questions that I am hoping you guys can help me with. I am not certain exactly what type of medication I should be using. So let me tell you what I have, and what I do, and hopefully you can help me figure out whether or not to keep doing the same thing or change it up. I keep...