jack dempsey cichlid

  1. R

    HELP!! sexing my JDs

    I believe this guy to be just that a male electric blue gene maybe?
  2. W

    Appropriate size before adding growouts

    Currently I have a full grown Jack Dempsey that I would like to keep with other fish. Most pet stores near me don’t sell adult cichlids so I will have to grow one out. I would like to know at what size do I need to grow the other fish out to live with him? The tank has a large cave structure in...
  3. S

    Jack Dempsey sexual maturity/ sexing

    So I finally finished my 180 gal project tank some weeks back. And just stocked it with some new world cichlids black convict, green terror, bleekeri and some misc also , I got 3, 3" long Jack Dempsey's that supposedly have the blue gene. Im hoping for a mating pair but I'm not sure on the sex...
  4. RubyRuby234

    Dainty little thing

    INTRODUCING “Starlight”!!! She’s my jack Dempsey and the funniest little thing. Every time I try to clean the tank she swims inside a rock and literally stays in there forever. She has claimed this rock as her little cave and protects it from everyone else. It’s so bad that to get her out of the...
  5. M

    Jack dempsey sex? Male or female?

    Hi everyone, I really need some help with this one, I need to see if anyone can identify the sex of this jack dempsey that I am planning to purchase on Friday. I am thinking it is a male as it hasn't got a blue beard ect.. but what do you guys think any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. dwsdarius

    Sexing Jack Dempsey Cichlid

    Hey, I've had my JD for a year and assumed it was a male, but just a week ago someone gave me another one that definitely is a male and makes me question the gender of my original. Any thoughts?
  7. Jexnell

    My Cichlids

    Here are some vids of my current cichlids. Sorry not the best, working with what I got to film them anyways here ya go
  8. R

    75 gallon Jack Dempsey tankmates

    Hi, I'm setting up a 75 gallon aquarium with a Jack Dempsey as my main fish. I would prefer two, one male and one female, along with some Cory and Ottos as a cleanup crew. I would also like to add a minimum of six schooling fish that a nice to look at can hold their own in this aquarium. Any...
  9. B

    So funny story

    when I first started getting into the hobby I'd say around march I had two jack Dempsey's in my tank. They absolutely terrorized and almost Killed every other fish in the tank over night! Oscars and electric blue acaras. I did not have a spare tank at the time and did not know you could give...
  10. B

    Electric blue jack dempsey

    what do you think suitable tankmates would be for a ebjd in a 150 gall tank?
  11. jmf

    My poor Oscar and my first CA Cichlid

    Hi all, I'm new here so a big hello to all :-) Unfortunately, my Oscar decided to commit suicide by jumping out of his tank, clear across the garage. I found him hours later, blood everywhere :-(. Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to get another Oscar and wanted something with personality but...
  12. J

    Jack Dempsey

    Just wondering but when do they start coloring up ? My little guy is about 3" to 3.5" And I had him for about 3-4 weeks now. The picture was from about a week ago
  13. D

    Jack Dempsey Cichlid is inactive

    Hello Everyone, meet blueberry. ... As you can see, he's active and interactive in this video. He always comes up to the glass, and bites my fingers if I put them in the tank. When I do water changes, he watches me closely to make sure I'm not "messing with his stuff." Recently, he's been...
  14. 504 Fish Keeper

    Jack & Salvini 40 Breeder

    Can I put a juvenile salvini & juvenile Jack Dempsey in a 40 Breeder til I get a bigger tank & if so how long?
  15. D

    What are the MOST TRAINABLE CICHLIDS!? Oscars are a given.

    Hello all, I have a Jack Dempsey Cichlid that I'm working on acclimating to his new environment, a 55 gallon aquarium. He's shy now, but I'm hoping to get him to eat from my fingers! Is this feasible in your experience? What is YOUR favorite Cichlid you have trained? Thanks! -Dylan_