1. huntery18

    substrate for jack dempseys

    hey guys so my jack dempseys are not very colorful and someone pointed out that since my gravel is brown it wont have there color pop so i went and picked up some black gravel, but is gravel better or should i go with sand, currently i have a aqueon water changer with a 25 foot hose that i use...
  2. huntery18

    how to tell when my jd pair

    hey guys i have four jack dempseys and they are about 3 and a half inches, recently they seem to all be on edge keeping up towards the center of the water column. one i can identify is definitely female the other 3 i can not tell, how do i know when a male has paired up with my female, i have...
  3. Dragonis95

    Finally, JDs have laid Eggs again!

    hello everyone, It´s been a long time since anything special happened in my tank. But now, after weeks and weeks of flirting around, having bad fights and loving each other again, my two JDs have decided to spawn again. Sadly the female ist a little pale for reasons I don´t know, but the...
  4. B

    Need help with my Oscar

    I currently moved my peacocks out of my 125 and into the 75. I had an empty 125 and decided to go look for an albino Oscar. I bought about a 6 in or bigger albino o, and a about 4 inch jack Dempsey. My O who is extremely larger than the jd seemed to be getting bullied by the jd. my buddy is...
  5. Nilsafeller

    Sexing jack dempsey

    Haveing a hsrd time sexing my jd... pointed fins like a male... about 8 inches length at 10 months of age but full gill plate of colour and more torpedo shapr like female... also my texas female flirts with the jack like crazy and turns black like she bout to lay eggs
  6. B

    Oscar, Jd, help!

    I have a “blue gene” jd, and a albino tiger Oscar. Right now they both are housed in separate 55 gallon tanks, due to the fact that their both only about 5 inches long. My question is, could I house these fish together in a 120 or 125 or would they be constantly fighting? I had them together in...
  7. Tommytipper87

    JD male or female?

    I've had mixed opinions on weather this is a male or female either way am Happy how he or she is growing an looking. Would be great to know what the actual sex is. Thanks will upload pic later as won't let me at this time
  8. Athletic_Amph

    Gunpowder Aquatics

    Has anyone ever purchased from gunpowderaquatics.net before? I'm currently looking to start a JD community in the next couple of weeks, specifically with the different color variants - and they have some pinks available -orrrr if you know someone breeding pink, gold, platinum, or eb jacks on...
  9. 504 Fish Keeper

    Danios as food

    Can I feed danios to JDs?
  10. 504 Fish Keeper

    Jack & Salvini 40 Breeder

    Can I put a juvenile salvini & juvenile Jack Dempsey in a 40 Breeder til I get a bigger tank & if so how long?
  11. Hendre

    Bunch of jack dempsey questions

    as the title suggests i have a few questions about jack dempseys. here we go. 1- is a 65 gal suibtable for a pair? 2-is a boyu fef 230 suitable for a single/ pair dempsey?if not is there a suitable budget filter? 3-best food for dempseys 4-can a dempsey tank be planted? 5- any tips for these...
  12. OK PLAY3R

    Looking For New Tank With New Stock

    I'm purchasing a 125 gal, or a 75 gal depending on what fish I may get. Relocating a 7 inch JD, 5 inch BRP, and a young 4 inch flower horn into the tank Should I put some silver dollars in as dither? I could purchase these two Severum that are about 5 inches. I have a Severum but its in a 25...
  13. A

    New Jack Dempsey Tank Setup Help!

    I am in the process of setting up a 60 gal tank with sand substrate decorated with rocks and driftwood. I really would like to get a Jack Dempsey, but also wanted to add some other fish to the tank. I wanted to ask opinions on if my stocking list would work, as depending on which fish I get is...
  14. E

    Help sexing Juvenile Jack Dempseys

    Hi! Can anyone help me sex my two juvenile JDs? The lower gillplate markings and body shape/fins might be indicating two females? I was hoping someone could prove me wrong here, as I am hoping for atleast one of them to be male.. The first 3 photos are of the smaller one, the last two is the...