kok growth flowerhorn

  1. Ombon_flowerhorn

    My SRD Flowerhorn

    Hello guys, this is my flowerhorn, Ombon that I bought on 9 June 2020 at Sipitang, Sabah, Malaysia. Actually he is a display fish but I asked the pet shop owner to sell it for me & I did it. The first picture was him at pet shop. Still small, around 3+ inches but already got red color at his...
  2. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    The truth about flowerhorn kok/head grwoth

    Here to address the situation of flowerhorn head growth, how it happens and what you can do to try to increase size and colour. FIRST OF ALL the most important factor in flowerhorn kok growth is genetics it is important to understand not all flowerhorn will grow a kok or a desirable size kok for...