local fish store

  1. Jush

    Arowana Knifefish???

    Hi, one of my local fish shops has just told me they're getting Arowana Knife fish in this week, but what the hell is an Arowana knife fish? Ive done some reading and come across them being called marble or pom pom knife fish but is this true? What I want to know is how big they get, their...
  2. A

    Your Favorite Things about your Local Fish Stores?

    A few weeks ago I created the Pet Peeve's thread for LFS and it got many responses about things that make us a bit uneasy and upset. If you haven't seen that thread, want to read it, or comment on it just go to this link here...
  3. MorningStar

    Splash Aquarium in Sacramento

    Sacramento trip for niece's bday. Ended up going to a LFS in Sac on Sunday. Lmk what y'all think. Splash Aquarium
  4. jonah h2o

    what is the best price you've ever seen on a fish?

    what is the best price you've seen, my LFS has tons of great prices http://www.petzonesd.com/l018-golden-nugget-pleco-large-spot/ I've seen an adult golden nugget for 250 at another store! just saying anyone looking for rare fish check pet zone out!! not advertising, but the first time I...