looking for fish

  1. The Masked Shadow

    Want to Buy  Medium-sized Bichirs

    Hello, I am looking for some medium size bichirs. polypterus mokelembembe (preferably large) Polypterus palmas (preferably large) Polypterus polli (preferably large) Polypterus Delhezi (maybe) If I did do shipping, I would rather have it from a store. Shoot me a pm and we can negotiate prices.
  2. Balake2424

    Looking for a freshwater stingray I’m located Michigan

    Hi I’m looking for a freshwater stingray (preferably a baby but it doesn’t matter) I’m located in flint Michigan I’m not trying to spend a fortune but I know they are pricey,depending on which kind you get, if you know anyone or have some yourself please let me know I’m very interested.
  3. Rell XV

    Large Predatory Fish Recommendations

    I have a 1000 Gallon aquarium that I was wanting to stock with Peacock Bass, but I am not able to get them in my area for anything that isn't absurdly expensive. I already have a 7" Silver Arowana enjoying itself in the aquarium, so I'm looking for something that can be compatible with Silver...