1. Mitchell The Monster

    For Sale  Lyonsi for sale Georgia

    I’m thinning out my stock in my 125. Lyonsi, Raphael catfish, Senegal Bichir, and some mis. fish if interested. I’m wanting to get rid of atleast 3-4 of my Lysoni.
  2. V

    Amphilophus Lyonsi

    I recently picked up some 1” lyonsi and having difficulty getting them to eat. I was wondering from those who have or have had them, what they use? I know they feed on plant seeds, plants and insects in the wild, any foods that replicates that? I currently use New Life Spectrum, Southern...
  3. robham777

    Amphilophus Lyonsi (cota)

    Out of the four I got from Dan, these two seem to have paired off. One other fish is still in the tank behind a divider and I moved the other to another tank. Looking at them today, it seems her tube is dropping and she looks a bit heavy. Not the best video.
  4. T

    Lyonsi tank mates?

    So i got almost empty 125 gal, couple fish to move to new 72. Now the fun part begins, stocking of the tank. I really like the lyonsi, and would like a pair of them. COA have them for sale. Could they be housed with astatheros robertsoni and/or crenicichla strigata? Is there any schooling fish...
  5. T

    Lyonsi or Super Red Spotted Severum

    I am trying to decide between breeding lyonsi or red spotted severum. Personally, I like the idea of lyonsi but I think red spotted severum might have a larger number of potential buyers. What do you think?