1. B

    For Sale  Marbled Motoro Stingray

    Female Marbled Motoro. 13"-14" Disc Eats pellets I have had her for 4+yrs Very motivated to sell. I have been in the stingray hobby for 10+ years, unfortunately I am getting out of the hobby and will not be looking for a larger tank for her. She needs a new home ASAP! Will not ship
  2. H

    got a new marbled lung :)

    any idea on the subsp. at this size? :D
  3. M

    Marbled Lung fish tank size

    Hi all Want to know would a 5X3X2ft tank be fine for a marbled lungfish for life? Might be able to make it 4ft front to back.... Not only in regards to maintaing water quality but also to allow the fish to move around properly ect... I know these guys get up to 6ft in the wild but...
  4. freshfishin727

    Male marbled motoro taking a shot like a man

    Check it out dropped the shot glass full of worms by accident and the ray was super happy
  5. catfishtimmy

    underwater yellow bullhead and marbled achara catfish

    Little video from today during a water change, fish are a little stressed and Achara got scratched when spooked. I will be posting many more videos if I get some feedback. Happy New Year everyone! Make sure you watch in HD