Marbled Lung fish tank size


Feeder Fish
Jun 23, 2015
Hi all

Want to know would a 5X3X2ft tank be fine for a marbled lungfish for life? Might be able to make it 4ft front to back....
Not only in regards to maintaing water quality but also to allow the fish to move around properly ect...

I know these guys get up to 6ft in the wild but realistically would it reach that size in captivity? (considering how many larger fish don't reach their max size in home aquaria) What size would I realistically be expecting?

I've kept young lungfish in the past (a friend wanted one but wanted a larger fish to add to the tank but could only get a younger fish... and I wanted a lungfish but couldn't keep one for life so I bought it kept for a few years and then he bought it off me when it started to get larger) so I know what they are like when it comes to behaviour, feeding ect

Thanks all :)