1. Jtank

    Datnoid identification

    Just wondering what type of Datnoid this is. TIA!
  2. W

    50 gallon aquarium stocking - jack, green terror, blue acara, etc.

    Hey everyone I recently purchased a 50 gallon and want to put a jack, green terror, blue acara(hope fully a pair), firemouth, plecos, etc in it. I was wondering how many fish can i put in there and what kind of cichlids listed above can go in together ?? thank in advance for the advice.
  3. M

    For Sale  22" albino arowana

    Need gone as soon as possible
  4. Jtank

    For Sale  Monster fish sale

    Fish for sale. Pickup only Milwaukee, WI 53224. All fish are eating pellets, shrimp, scallop, freeze dried krill. Jardini 14-15” $300 Ornate 14-15” $150 Ornate 14-15” $150 Ornate 7-8” $100 Endlicheri 11-12” $100 Endlicheri 10” $100 Delhezi 7-8” $60 Jack Dempsey 5” $10 Jack Dempsey 5” $10 Jack...
  5. C

    For Sale  XL Bichir

    Up for sale. 18-20" Ornate $100 17-18"+ Endli $75 14-16"+ Endli $50
  6. R

    For Sale  Moving sale- Pick up only Hagerstown MD 21740

    **SOLD** 360 gallon (8’x38”x25”)Aquarium w stand and canopy- GLASS $2,000 Wolf fish- black, mala (many avail, several sizes) Tigrinus- 5-8” $175-$200 Jardini- Giant $200 **SOLD**Odoe pikes- 6”/14” Red pike- 8”/12” $75 Payara-5”/8”. $125 Bichirs- 4”-20”+ Several of each (laps, endlis, ansorgii...
  7. Balake2424

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy peacock bass

    I'm looking to buy some peacock bass let me know if you have any Available, I'm located in Michigan I can meet or I will pay for shipping if you can ship
  8. A

    For Sale  14” Albino Arowana PICKUP ONLY

    Hello Everyone, a buddy of mine is moving out of NYC and needs to relocate his beautiful albino Arowana. He bought him for $300 at 8” and now he’s 14”. If Anyone in NYC or nearby wants to pick him up THIS WEEK (only) $300, and he’s yours.
  9. M

    For Sale  Monster clown loaches

    I have 4 massive clown loaches for sale. Selling them because I want my tank to go south american. 1 XL loach at 9 inches and the other 3 are 5-6 inches. 200 for the whole group. My email is and my zipcode is 89179. Only local pickup so no shipping
  10. A

    For Sale  FS: 6-7" Arapaima Gigas $400 OBO

    Hey Guys, One of my buddies is selling him baby arapaima, he's about 7" in a grow out tank. He's located in NYC but willing to consider shipping. He is also considering/open to trades. Feel free to message me with any questions -Alex 9143641652
  11. S

    Rescued a massive Silver Dollar, will it shoal with smaller Silver Dollars?

    Hi everyone, I saw the Silver Dollar at my LFS. I figured I'd get it since I have a mostly empty 125 gallon tank. I wanted to see if anyone would know if the Silver Dollar would shoal with smaller ones. I have never seen a Silver Dollar bigger than 2in diameter at a fish store, this one is...
  12. I

    Arapaima Eye Wound

    Help, arapaima's one eye injured he is currently 2.5ft in length. I have no idea how this happened. Have few driftwoods in there. He is in a 1000 gallons pond for now.
  13. S

    For Sale  Payara 8in

  14. Kaymac13

    RT Catfish

    Just wanted to be extra and show off some pics I took of my big baby Red Tail Kitty?
  15. F

    For Sale  Arapaima FS 91335

    Arapaima I’m looking to rehome he’s big about 2 ft and eats a lot. Located in Reseda. I’ve had him for a few weeks. Willing to possibly trade but would rather sell. 300
  16. U

    Why I'm not seing "monster" aquaponics setups in english communities? Is by googlefoo bad? xD

    So... we all know that if we stick a pothos in the aquarium, it consumes the nitrates hense, less "frequent water changes" (not really). I've found a couple of russian channels, that took that several levels higher. Here's an example: While the dude explains well how to build one and stuff, I...
  17. N

    FREE  Free Albino Bichir and Tiger shovel nose cat

    Both free. Both roughly 5-6 inches. Beautiful fish but wrong tank mates. Local pick up.
  18. F

    Idea on a 400 gallon tank.

    Hello All, I have built a 7X3X3 ft concrete tank outside my home. Please suggest the filtration system and fish stocking. Thanks
  19. jsoto2005

    Large Flowerhorn Filtration Setup

    Hey guys, just a quick discussion for all you filtration freaks out there. I have a 4'x2'x28" with just one SRD flowerhorn cichlid. Im running an eheim 2217 (1000l/h) and an eheim 2215 (620l/h). For inside the tank im running a double canister filter by Qanvee and adding another soon, also...
  20. C

    Want to Buy  Exotic fish

    Looking for exotic fish anywhere from 1-12 inches. The more exotic the better or if someone has a goliath tiger In north cal