Do umbees eat at night

    Recently my umbriferum has been hitting the to of the glass at night, well during the day also but that don't bother me, but at night the banging around I hear him doing I'm wondering is that normal this is the first monsters cichlid that I kept in my bedroom past a foot, recently just changed...
  2. kody929

    Longnose Distichodus

    Hello everyone I recently got a beautiful 7" Distichodus lussoso for 40$ from a LFS. First day I seen some nipping but nothing much since thankfully. He is currently in a 210g with a diverse variety of fish: bichirs, South American cichlids, lei Arowana, Pleco, catfish etc. I needed some help...
  3. Angelphish


    I returned from my lfs with an Angelfish a couple days ago. The fish looked fine, it had good colors, and it was pretty active. A couple hours after acclimated the fish, I noticed it had a cloudy eye. At this point I should have moved it to my QT tank, but it wasn't running. Instead of doing...
  4. that_fish_Guy

    Parachromis dovii growout thread

    After keeping several LFS style dovii in the past( mutts) I have finally found some nice Costa Rican dovii off of a very reputable buddie of mine. I have gotten a male and a female and I plan to keep these fish long term... As in for their whole lives. They are in a 240 gallon 8x2x2 as of now. I...
  5. B

    My Flowerhorn :) Can you tell what strain or type it is ?

    Hey All, :) This is my flowerhorn which I'm having it has a great personality and I love its colors any idea what particular strain or type it is ?
  6. O

    Best Tanks on MFK

    Here's a thread to post your favorite tanks on MFK. Feel free to include yours if it's one of your favorites! Try to include a stock list. Here's links to mine: -H20's 4,000 gallon fiberglass tank (now in posession of BigRich)...
  7. O

    15,000 Gallons of Fun - Stocking

    I posted a thread a few pages back, well I figured there should be a new thread since there's a new plan. Plan A is to build a 26x13x6 tank for 15,000 gallons, or Plan B which is a 38x13x6 tank for 22,000 gallons. I would prefer to go with Plan B - the stock is important, but it can change if...
  8. koizilla714

    WTB | Flagtail Prochilodus 4"-up $$ | Santa Ana 92704 | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: WTB What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Flagtail Prochilodus What are your prices?: Give me your prices Where are you located?: Santa Ana 92704 Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Anybody selling or knows anyone selling 4" and up Flagtail...
  9. C

    I have 4 paroon Sharks growing fast and I need help

    Guys can you help me I have 4 7.5 inch paroon shark and what should I feed them when they hit the one foot mark I am currently feeding them tilapia fillet. they are currently in a 250 gallon pond and soon will be moved to a 14000 gallon pond when they hit 2 feet
  10. A

    FTS | siberian sturgeon | $100 obo | naples, fl | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: siberian sturgeon What are your prices?: 100 obo Where are you located?: naples, fl Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Beautiful gray metallic 7-8 inches Siberian sturgeon vary active swims around like a shark...
  11. redfish1

    How to grow Oscars fast?

    I have brought 4 Tiger Oscars from a local fish store.I keep them in a 300 Gallons tank with 2 Cat fishes,1 Giant Gourami and 1 Snakehead fish.I want to grow my Oscars upto maximum size they grow and I want MFK's help to grow them fast and maximum.
  12. redfish1

    How to grow my Red Snakehead fish fast?

    I have bought 2 Red Snakeheads from a local fish store. I keep them in a natural pond which is 2 meters in diameter and 15+ meters deep.I have 5 Catfishes,2 Giant Gouramis and 2 flying barbs with my new snakeheads.They are just 4 inches and I want to grow them as much as they are grown.I want to...
  13. A

    Guys can you help me my endli is not eating

    Guys just bought a endli last Saturday but he's not eating