1. F

    December 20 2017 Monster Updated Stock list

    BELOW IS OUR CURRENT STOCK LIST~! WE SHIP VIA FEDEX & CARGO ! We got a way better rate now on fedex, try us ! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR WEEKLY UPDATE ! Grade A Platinum Alligator Gar (COMING IN 2 DAYS) Cuban Gar ( Coming in 2 days) Albino Silver...
  2. A

    Breaking Down the Black Bar (Black Bar Silver Dollar Article) By:Aqua Alex

    ATTENTION Fish Keepers: Aqua Alex's September 2017 Aquarium Hobbyist Article has been released and is ready for your read. This month, I talk to you about one of my favorite child hood favorite species, the black bar silver dollar. (Myleus Schomburgkii). There are 2 different variants of the...
  3. M

    Marbled Lung fish tank size

    Hi all Want to know would a 5X3X2ft tank be fine for a marbled lungfish for life? Might be able to make it 4ft front to back.... Not only in regards to maintaing water quality but also to allow the fish to move around properly ect... I know these guys get up to 6ft in the wild but...
  4. Swoll929

    240 custom sump overflow issues

    So I have a 240. 8 x 2 x 2. I drilled the aquarium myself Built My Own sump Built My Own stand and everything is going great except I cannot get the flow through my overflows I expected. I have three one-inch overflows drilled into the back of the tank and two three quarter inch return lines...
  5. F

    June 21 current Monster Updated Stock List~

    BELOW IS OUR CURRENT STOCK LIST~! WE SHIP VIA FEDEX & CARGO ! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR WEEKLY UPDATE ! 5-6" Goliath Tiger fish $155 6" Dewata Borneo Giant gourami ( red) $500 8" True Red Gar $600 3" Tiger Scats #120 10-12" Platinum Allgiator gar...
  6. jsoto2005

    Quick Newbie Question..

    New to the forum guys. Would love some frienldy advice on my new tank setup. Have had my 3" RD flowerhorn in a 70Ltr tank for a while. Cichlids are pretty hardy so never took too much notice of water parameters (i know.. i know..) Always did bi weekly water changes and checked my pH tho...
  7. N

    California law question

    so in california where I live, all sharks of the carcharhinus genus are banned which includes reef sharks. However, the whitetip reef shark is not of the genus carcharhinus so does that mean they can be kept. Note, as of right now I do not seek to keep sharks of any kind but I do have some...
  8. A

    Filtering FW 620 Gal in Small Spaces

    Hello all! I am about to build a 620 Gallon (freshwater) in my basement. Its the right size and the right spot for the this tank. One problem, I have no idea how to filter this thing. The stand was made for another person and I inherited it when they couldn't finish the project. The stand is...
  9. J

    FREE | Stand and Canopy for a 6 foot x 18" tank (Black) | $0 | SoCal, CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FREE What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Stand and Canopy for a 6 foot x 18" tank (Black) What are your prices?: 0 Where are you located?: SoCal, CA Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Look what I found, wish I can pick up? Good Luck whoever gets it...
  10. I

    Monster sized canister for Monster tank

    So this is an interesting question i have ponder since i got into the wet life. Can a canister filter be built that is large enough for a monster tank. I know i can get 58 gallon screw top barrels made of hdpe. I would use a reeflo dart/snapper or similar for flow, but for media. Do i just super...
  11. dassalmon

    FTS | 14" Megladoras Irwini | $150 or trade | NE Philadelphia | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 14" Megladoras Irwini What are your prices?: 150 or trade Where are you located?: NE Philadelphia Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Have a good sized (14") and very healthy megladoras irwini (prehistoric...
  12. P

    Anyone ever used this??

    Has anyone ever used HTH Pool Filter Sand? How'd it work? Any problems?
  13. Larryfish

    Monster fish for man cave.

    I'm looking for something. That could go into a 150 gal cube. That's like. A beast. I really like the look and size on peacock bass. But I want to see other stuff. ? Tank will be like my personal in my room away from other tanks tank. What do you recommend.
  14. F

    August 6th 2016 Stock list

    Flag Tail 3" $25 Pinstripe Bamba 8-9" $780 Pinstripe Bamba 4" $98 (ALL SOLD) Arapaima 5-8" starting $150 !! (Sale will start on Tuesday ) MBU Puffer 5" $120 MBU Puffer 8" $250 8" Short Body Endlercheri polypterus $500 5-6" Short Body Albino Polypterus $149 Super red Ingot 4" $25 Super Yellow...
  15. Fishpony

    How to obtain native fish in arizona?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how I could keep a channel catfish in arizona. I know you can use a stocking license for aquaponics (That's what I think, please correct me if you know). I would like to keep one or two of these guys inside my pond that I'm creating this september. I have not...
  16. S

    Big fishes that are ok with small fishes...

    Hey guys, so getting back into the hobby. I have a 360 gallon that I'm looking to start putting fish into. I really want to keep a set of a 100-200 small schooling fishes (possible gold tetras) and other small bottom feeders and maybe some shrimps. What I wanted to know was... which BIG fish...
  17. F


    I just caught a small mouth bass and introduced it to my tank that has a black wolf and a Oscar. The black wolf is about 7" and the Oscar is about 5" and the small mouth is 8" The smb was so aggressive that it beat up the Oscar and the wolf fish.. I was surprised! it was so mean I had to remove...
  18. Fishpony

    900 gallon monster pond stocklist

    Hello all, My father and I are building a pond, which is 10 ft in length, 3 ft deep, 4 ft wide. We are currently in the planning stage but we have the area it will be in. We plan for 1 foot of the pond to be in ground and 2 feet of it above ground. We are trying to keep it as cheap as possible...
  19. M@T!@$

    240 gallon progress

    So about 2 months ago I picked up a 240 gallon tank. Started setting it up and filling, and should be read to go in a few weeks Picking new tubes for the filter tomorrow so I just put in a power head for today