1. B

    45g predator tank: Do you think this is overstocking?

    Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a lot of experience in freshwater aquaria, and recently I've been very tempted to try salt. I found a nice 45g cube-styled aquarium on LiveAquaria, measuring 26.5" x 22" x 19". Can't post a link because this is my first post, but it has a...
  2. mattybecks

    Allardi Clownfish and Macrodactyla Anemone

    It had just gone lights out and my Anemone and clowns are bedding down for the night.
  3. mattybecks

    New Clarkii and Anemone

    Hi guys, Got a new Clarkii clown a few days ago and he immediately bonded with my anemone after only a couple of hours. I have two ocellaris clowns that have been there for months, but never taken or shown interest in my anemones. Apart from the above anemone I also have a bubble tip. Tank...
  4. mattybecks

    The resiliance and hardcore nature of a BTA

    So about 10 days ago I got my first BTA. I planned to get one later this year and start an anemone tank, but the opportunity came by sooner and I got it on a little bit of an impulse. So I purchased it, got home in the evening and added him into the tank. Watched him a little until it was...
  5. mattybecks

    sandsifting, shoaling fish ID

    Hi Guys, I was hoping to get an ID on these fish that are always at the beach here so I can research more on them. I can say they behave very much like the Geophagus genus of freshwater fish. Loving it when you disturb the sand for them to sift through. The water is always saturated with...
  6. mattybecks

    Fish at the beach in Dubai.

    The other day I decided to take my Nokia and try filming a little where I swim, Just to show you some of what I saw under the waves, just off the beach (about waist height)., hoping to get some fish IDs of fish I don't know the names off. Beach is your standard Dubai gulf beach, and for the...
  7. mattybecks

    Cleaner shrimp hand snack

    Does anyone else enjoy having their hands cleaned by their cleaner shrimp? When they see me approach the tank they move to hang around the filter area where my hand usually goes in. Waiting to clean my hands. Do you think they would get much nutrition from this? I was wondering if rubbing sand...
  8. Rob909

    Does anyone have any experience with gobioides peruanus??

    From reading I’ve been doing, it’s a smaller version of the violet goby that’s able to tolerate freshwater better but does not tolerate full marine setups as well. Seems like each species is pretty similar looking or the image search is only revealing gobioides broussonnetii. If you’ve had the...
  9. Miks786

    New to Marine Info???

    Hey guys i would like some info please on keeping a marine tank.. A guy is selling a marine tank in my area and im interested in taking it off his hand but never kept a marine tank before.I thought since its a small tank i can learn about keeping marine.I have keep freshwater for many years but...
  10. X

    Hobby Revival - Monster Marine - Setup - Please Help

    Hi MFKers, Wordy post, please bare with me. I'm looking for help and point in the right directions. Well its been about 10-15years since I left the hobby and industry, back in the day I was heavily versed in Cichlids, L numbers and marine. Personally running 6 tanks largest being 6x2x6...
  11. Ankit Naidu

    Is my coral fine?

    its green button polyp which I got a for free! But it didn't open! Is it fine or is anything troubling it?
  12. Ankit Naidu

    What are these small protruding things on the snails back!?

    guys can u please tell me what these small things are on the back of the turban snail is it a parasite or any type of coral!?
  13. O

    Back for another try, need advice

    Its been aong time but im back to have another try, I've kept a Toby puffer in the most recently in the past but donated it to Maidenhead aquatics over 2 years ago. I'm planning to set up a small marine fish only with live rock tank. Hopefully will have the tank tomorrow then I can start the...
  14. xDestro

    Nano lionfish idea

    I am just now setting up my freshwater tank and have never really had a thing for marine but I love lionfish and puffers, I recently learned that there's such thing as a dwarf lionfish and was wondering how much goes into a saltwater tank? Because I was thinking about getting a 20 gallon later...
  15. D

    Red Mangrove and refugum

    Selling 4 Red Mangrove for saltwater refugum. $20 each for the tall ones (30 inches) $15 each for the shorter ones (about 18 inches) Selling 20 gallon long refugum also. Drilled on both ends and includes bulkhead fittings for 3/4" pvc pipe. $40 firm Lincoln, NE Will ship mangroves.
  16. M

    Any Diana's Hogfish keepers on here?

    Been considering setting up a saltwater tank again after I move in a couple months to a more permanent residence. Thinking a 75 reef, red diana hog, scopas tang, and some beginner corals blue mushrooms, green star polyps, maybe try acropora later on. Obviously no snails, crabs, shrimp, or stars...