1. Reedmaster16

    For Sale  Ultrasieve III, Wlim Glass Filter, UV Sterilizers, Hayward Sand Filter, pumps. media - NE Ohio

    Selling some of my filtration equipment that is no longer in use. Need to clear out some space. Aquaforte Ultrasieve III with 300 micron screen (7900gph max flow) - $1100 $800 Wlim 16" glass filter with glass media inside - $325 $250 Hayward 16" sand filter (modified for higher flow rate for...
  2. F

    how much ceramic media

    how many grams of flual biomax do i need for a 230 gallon tank with a oscar , pleco ,RES turtle, 5 convicts, 2 accaras, 5 geophagus, and 3 severums. i have a 120 gallon tank as a sump filter. thanks!
  3. The-Almighty-Zugs


    Selling two brand new media kits originally sold by Filter Pro in the UK for FX5/FX6 canister filters. I ordered them for my two Fluval FX6's that were later returned and instead got two Ehiems 2262's. So I no longer have any need for the media and am selling at a reduced price. They are...
  4. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Media for Fluval Fx6 - Piraya Piranha

    I was wondering what the best type of media was for 2 FX6's running in a 160 gallon tank for a single Piraya Piranha. Do I need different types?
  5. KelberiFishLover19

    DIY Filter Media

    With the prices of filter bags and other filter media going up, I’m looking for cheep but safe and productive filter media for my filters. I’m interested to see what you guys can come up with and I want to save some money.
  6. Naos1984

    Ratio of bio-media to gallons of water

    I know this may be a silly question, but do we have something like this? Or is this entirely dependent on bio-load? I'm referring to how many kg of bio-media is needed per gallon of water. There are far too many variables like type of media and surface area of each type but do we even have a...
  7. xDestro


    I noticed the fx4 on my 75 wasn't pushing much water so I decided to clean it? I filled up a 20 gallon tote with 10 gallons of tank water and to get a bit more I added 5 gallons of tap water, well I added what I thought was declorinator to the 5 gallon bucket before I added it to the tote but it...
  8. I

    Monster sized canister for Monster tank

    So this is an interesting question i have ponder since i got into the wet life. Can a canister filter be built that is large enough for a monster tank. I know i can get 58 gallon screw top barrels made of hdpe. I would use a reeflo dart/snapper or similar for flow, but for media. Do i just super...
  9. D

    Does my FW sump design look good?

    I just picked up a 90 gallon aquarium and it came with a sump setup for SW with a skimmer and I think it would be easier to start over rather than reconfigure it. I'm using a 20 gallon aquarium because unless I make one myself that's all that will fit in my stand. As of right now we are...
  10. PoissonRouge

    Canister Filter Media input for high tech aquarium

    Hi everyone! I have scoured the internet searching for some answers without luck. So I want some experienced input on what to media to keep in my canister filter. For the tank it is a 46gallon bow, dirt substrate, high lighting and pressurized co2 injection (using a diffuser - NOT inline...