monster aquarium

  1. S

    For Sale  6in MBU

  2. T

    For Sale  4" Kamfa Flowerhorn imported from Thailand

    Looking to start selling some of my fish through this site so this is kind of a test run. High quality fish from Mfishhouse in Thailand. Please reach out to me with any questions on this fish. I don't answer calls, please text. 801-300-3733. at $140.00 ill cover shipping Fedex, or southwest...
  3. Rayfishowner

    How to move large bichir

    Hey all, I currently have a 14 inch Nigerian lapradei bichir. I will be moving it to a separate tank in the near future and just wanted some insight on how most of y’all move it. Because my tank has plants, rocks, and driftwood, I don’t want to ruin the scape or hurt the fish. What is the best...
  4. Rayfishowner

    Monster planted tank with co2

    Hey guys, I’ve been keeping my 100 gallon planted tank now for over a year now and it houses: - 6x koi angelfish - indo tiger datnoid (5 in) - Nigerian lapradei bichir (14 in) - mystery snails (cleanup) I’ve always been a monster fish and planted aquarium finatic and really want to create a...
  5. B

    For Sale  Lince catfish

    I have a lince catfish fairly 14 inch in size ..eats like a monster , trying to free up some tank space..
  6. gordoncheers

    Bacteria In A Bottle For Larger Tanks

    hello does anyone have experience on using bacteria in a bottle on larger tanks (300-500 gallons) if so how did it go?
  7. gordoncheers

    Outdoor Monster Aquarium

    anyone has any experience keeping big tanks outdoors (around 300-500 gallons)? the weather where i'm living is quite tropical so i was wondering if i could use an aquarium chiller to tone the temperature down to around 26 to 27 degrees for my arowana.I know arowanas like to jump so i'm worried...
  8. F

    how much ceramic media

    how many grams of flual biomax do i need for a 230 gallon tank with a oscar , pleco ,RES turtle, 5 convicts, 2 accaras, 5 geophagus, and 3 severums. i have a 120 gallon tank as a sump filter. thanks!
  9. K

    Want to Buy  Platinum Red Tail

    Does anyone have a platinum red tail catfish they are looking to sell? just post in the thread all sizes and prices will be considered. Thanks for interest
  10. F

    arownana tank size

    can i have a asian arowana in a 6 foot by 30 inch by 30 inch 300 gallon tank with excellent filtration?
  11. M

    Green Arowana- 10inch - 14inch Starving ( Not eating since a month)

    Well have Green Arowana- 10inch - 14inch grew in a tank with 2 22-26inch Silver Arowana’s and have been together for over a year. However, due to lockdown couldn’t get live feed, so gave chicken pcs. From the day i fed them chicken only green Arowana has been spooked (evidently) and hasn’t eaten...
  12. J

    For Sale  1300 Gallon Acrylic Tank for Sale

    Unfortunately, I am forced to sell my dream. We are moving and there will not be room in the next house for the Monster. This would make a great show piece in a Custom home or local business. ITS MASSIVE!! THE PACKAGE PRICE IS $9,000.00 Tank: This was a 1500 gallon 1.5" thick acrylic Tenecor...
  13. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Want to Buy  Kelberi peacock bass

    Looking for Kelberi peacock bass, Anyone know where I could pick up some ?
  14. Blakewater

    The 550 Beast Is Up and Running 😁

    Finally finished setting up the 9x4 for my bass. A little cloudy because I reused the cycled sand from two other tanks and filter media but it’s so beautiful and I’m so happy my bass will have all the extra room to swim. Right now they’re acting like they don’t even know what to do with all the...
  15. H

    32000 Litre Aquarium Thoughts

    Found this tank on eBay in the UK, £12000 for 32000 Litre “Commercial Fish Tank as seen at Angling and Dive Shows through out Europe” looks pretty impressive, just wondered your thoughts on it...
  16. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  Red Oscar

    I have a Red Oscar around 9 inches that needs a new home, local pick up only, Concord NH area.
  17. Blakewater

    Suggestions for new 325G Aquarium?

    Took the plunge today and bought my first monster tank. Previously I had only owned a 6x2x2 tank but today I purchased a 96x26x30. Im super excited but I quickly realized theres not a ton of 96" tank lights on the market and not many large filter systems either; but of course a sump is always a...
  18. Ricardo quezada


    I bought a Asian redtail catfish (black body with redtail) from my LFS and didn’t notice it untit two month later that it has no eyes. I don’t know if it’s a miss identification by the store. I call them and asked if this is normal and they said no that all of their red tails have eyes and this...
  19. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Anyone here in NH or northern Mass ?

    I'm now offering aquarium maintenance and cleaning, Anyone here interested or know anyone that may be?
  20. B

    Where can i get a 3’ by 7’ sheet of low iron glass?

    Hey guys im trying to get a 7’ by 3’ 3/4 inch sheet of low iron glass or starphire glass for my Temensis peacock basses new tank but cant find anywhere that has it. Only place i found was glasscages and they wont have it till august. Anyone know where i can get that glass from???