monster aquarium

  1. M

    Green Arowana- 10inch - 14inch Starving ( Not eating since a month)

    Well have Green Arowana- 10inch - 14inch grew in a tank with 2 22-26inch Silver Arowana’s and have been together for over a year. However, due to lockdown couldn’t get live feed, so gave chicken pcs. From the day i fed them chicken only green Arowana has been spooked (evidently) and hasn’t eaten...
  2. J

    For Sale  1300 Gallon Acrylic Tank for Sale

    Unfortunately, I am forced to sell my dream. We are moving and there will not be room in the next house for the Monster. This would make a great show piece in a Custom home or local business. ITS MASSIVE!! THE PACKAGE PRICE IS $9,000.00 Tank: This was a 1500 gallon 1.5" thick acrylic Tenecor...
  3. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Want to Buy  Kelberi peacock bass

    Looking for Kelberi peacock bass, Anyone know where I could pick up some ?
  4. Blakewater

    The 550 Beast Is Up and Running 😁

    Finally finished setting up the 9x4 for my bass. A little cloudy because I reused the cycled sand from two other tanks and filter media but it’s so beautiful and I’m so happy my bass will have all the extra room to swim. Right now they’re acting like they don’t even know what to do with all the...
  5. H

    32000 Litre Aquarium Thoughts

    Found this tank on eBay in the UK, £12000 for 32000 Litre “Commercial Fish Tank as seen at Angling and Dive Shows through out Europe” looks pretty impressive, just wondered your thoughts on it...
  6. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  Red Oscar

    I have a Red Oscar around 9 inches that needs a new home, local pick up only, Concord NH area.
  7. Blakewater

    Suggestions for new 325G Aquarium?

    Took the plunge today and bought my first monster tank. Previously I had only owned a 6x2x2 tank but today I purchased a 96x26x30. Im super excited but I quickly realized theres not a ton of 96" tank lights on the market and not many large filter systems either; but of course a sump is always a...
  8. Ricardo quezada


    I bought a Asian redtail catfish (black body with redtail) from my LFS and didn’t notice it untit two month later that it has no eyes. I don’t know if it’s a miss identification by the store. I call them and asked if this is normal and they said no that all of their red tails have eyes and this...
  9. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Anyone here in NH or northern Mass ?

    I'm now offering aquarium maintenance and cleaning, Anyone here interested or know anyone that may be?
  10. B

    Where can i get a 3’ by 7’ sheet of low iron glass?

    Hey guys im trying to get a 7’ by 3’ 3/4 inch sheet of low iron glass or starphire glass for my Temensis peacock basses new tank but cant find anywhere that has it. Only place i found was glasscages and they wont have it till august. Anyone know where i can get that glass from???
  11. CMTrey5

    FS | WIDE BAR SILVER DOLLARS aka Myleus schomburgkii

    Selling a group of 8 wide bars. Sizes range from 5-7". All are very healthy and active, always swimming around the tank. 2 of the 8 are wild caught (most colorful ones). If you have any questions TEXT me at 5104322866
  12. C

    DIY Fishroom project

    Hello fishkeepers, I'm finally taking the plunge to make a start on my fishroom. Here is a summary of what i have to do before i am able to build my plywood tank. -plumming from my house to the shed (Done) -central heating from my house to the shed (Done) -waterline from my house to the...
  13. Abyssalisk

    850 gallon aquarium -$4,500-

    I'm considering selling off my tank due to an opportunity to move to Seattle next spring. I'll be heading into an apartment so I obviously couldn't be running this system there. Most all of the livestock pictured is gone aside from the pacu, but I'll probably still hold on to him inside of an...
  14. M

    New Monster fish Setup

    Hi MFK’s Wel i have a 100g tank setup for my silver Aro, 50g for Kamfa Flowerhorn, 50g for SRD Flowerhorn. Planning to setup a big monster tank for 3 or 5 Aro’s, sting ray, arapaima. I need help and suggestions mainly for 3 this ngs. 1) suggested Size for the tank (glass) 2) tank setup (need...
  15. T

    Custom tank advice for a new member.

    Hello, guys, my name is Troy. I'm new to this forum and giant tanks, but I plan in building my fish one soon and had a couple questions. I know there is already several post about some of my questions but they seem rather old. First question is if anyone has experience with concrete tanks vs...
  16. Jacob._.merc

    Jade goby tankmates

    I currently have a 7 inch jade goby and I want to have a tankmate with him. I only need one tankmate due to size and stuff. I am deciding on 3 fish, a bluegill (one I want the most), cow goby or a flowerhorn. I know the bluegill likes more of a colder water but, they're tough fish. Which of...
  17. H

    Monster fish tank design advice

    Hi all, I am close to ordering my first truly big aquarium. It is meant to be underneath the windows of the front of my house so there is no option of putting the tank on a stand. I came up with sort of a "side-sump" design and i would like to have feedback on it. The dimensions are...
  18. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Whats your favorite Pleco species?

    Post up your pics below of your favorite Pleco species!:D My favorite being the L025 Red scarlet pleco (Pseudacanthicus) I have yet to come across one but is on my bucket list for sure. (Photo below is not mine, not my credit.)
  19. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Vulture catfish

    Quick video of my 14 inch vulture cat, I'll try and upload a better video at some point but this is what i have for now:D
  20. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    BOLT CATFISH (Aguarunichthys torosus)

    Just found this species on planet catfish, anyone one here keeping one or seen one up for sale anywhere?