1. F

    For Sale  Female Red Tiger Mota RTM 91335 P/U

    Rehoming fee of $30 for female RTM good red color! Trade for some bushy nose plecos . In Reseda 91335 pick up only no shipping . Will try to get a pick tomorrow morning.
  2. Adrianrios1085

    Jaguar breeding pair 150$ riverside ca

    I’m selling my proven breeding pair Pick up only in riverside ca 150$
  3. Aqua Nut

    Fish Room Tour 2016 | SA CA Cichlids

    Join us as we visit the fishroom of a monster fish keeper. This fish room tour features over 9 different aquariums. We are guided through this monster fish room tour of a true monster fish keeper. Dave shows off his amazing collection of gorgeous, huge South American cichlids and Central...
  4. Twonvito

    I'm looking to Parachromis motaguensis ( small male psycho )

    Good evening everyone, I'm looking for some Parachromis motaguensis fry 1-3 inches for my lonely male I believe. He went on a killing spree.