myleus schomburgkii

  1. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Myleus Schomburgki (Silver Dollars)

    Type of Listing: Want to buy Item/Animal: Myleus Schomburgki (Wide Bars, Thin Bars and Blackberry) Price: Determined by seller. Location: Eastern Ontario Pickup or shipping: Either is fine. Description: Looking for all three types of Myleus Schomburgki, preferably all types including Wide...
  2. WOLF2013

    Want to Buy  Looking for Black Bar & Red Hook Silver Dollars

    I am looking for black bar silver dollars (Myleus Schomburgkii) either wide or thin bars no preference. And also on the look out for redhook silver dollars and flag tail prochilodus. I am in West Palm Beach, Florida. Pick up or shipping. Willing to cover shipping if needed. Looking for anything...
  3. CMTrey5

    FS | WIDE BAR SILVER DOLLARS aka Myleus schomburgkii

    Selling a group of 8 wide bars. Sizes range from 5-7". All are very healthy and active, always swimming around the tank. 2 of the 8 are wild caught (most colorful ones). If you have any questions TEXT me at 5104322866
  4. Rojo1991

    My Leichardti arowana

    Thought I'd share some pictures of my Leichardti arowana. Recently posted on marketplace for sale but I'm definitely having second thoughts about selling it lol it's currently pushing 12" I bought it around August of last year at 7". Very good eater and definitely a much better fish then any...
  5. Harold51162

    FS | 4 Black Bar Silver Dollars | $120 | LongIsland NY | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Four Myleus schomburgkii black bar silver dollars at about 4 inches What are your prices?: 120 Where are you located?: Shirley, longisland NY Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Beautiful silver dollars... Eat...