new to fish

  1. Mbielek

    New to the forum, looking for general info/feedback/opinions

    So I'm new to MFK, just want to see what anybody has to say about my tank setup in general. I have a 75 gallon long stocked with fake plants/decor. Filtered by 2 marineland emperor 400s w/bio wheels. Few bubble stones in place, one 48 in bubble wall as well. I have in my tank two parrot...
  2. DannielR

    Am I doing this right?!?

    I really wanted to take care of fish. But because of Lack of money, I wasn't able to start. But now that I got a job, so I decided to start. I got a 25 gallon aquarium, with a larger base than right. Bought some plastic plants, some white natural sand from the beach and some pebbles or very...
  3. R

    Fire eel.. not well?

    Hi all Very new to all of this, up until last week we only had guppys and tetras and life was easy whilst our ghost shrimp ate all the algae. So we were offered a lovely 170litre tank, which we adore. We've got some live planted plants in it, plenty of sand for borrowing and there's a good few...