new world cichlids

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    For Sale  280 gal Complete Set Up with Fish

    Sadly, I must downsize to a smaller aquarium. Tampa Bay Florida area. Buyer must pick up, cannot be shipped. Tampa Bay Florida Area. Buyer must pick up. Cannot be shipped. 280 gallon Aquarium, Stand, Filters, Equipment & Fish. Condition is very good. Filteration system only 3 years old...
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    Costa Rica or nica Dovii???

    so I’ve had this guy for about 4 years now he’s in a 250 by himself he’s about 26 1/2 inches just want to know if he’s Costa Rican or Nicaraguan and he’ll wiuld be much appreciated
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    75 gallon Jack Dempsey tankmates

    Hi, I'm setting up a 75 gallon aquarium with a Jack Dempsey as my main fish. I would prefer two, one male and one female, along with some Cory and Ottos as a cleanup crew. I would also like to add a minimum of six schooling fish that a nice to look at can hold their own in this aquarium. Any...
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    Driftwood preferences? also anyone near me? Utah?

    so i want to buy more driftwood specifically somewhere that sells it buy the pound or on ebay buying single larger pieces... but my main question is what do you guys prefer to use in predominantly new world cichlid tanks i want some long branching pieces like Manzanita that i can then lean in...
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    Red Spotted Gold Severums

    I have been reading up on gold severums today and at this point I am thoroughly confused. I should go back to 10th grade biology again and re-learn what I once knew about dominant and recessive genes I guess. What is the best approach for attempting to establish a breeding pair of severum that...