1. L

    Flowerhorn- need opinions on what breed I possibly have

    I'm looking to see if the opinions of other fish keepers match up with what I was told my flowerhorns were by the shop. I know to expect color changes but I'd like to see what what breed I'm possibly looking at. I'll attach a couple pics of each.
  2. PlecoGuySam

    250 Gallon Common Pleco Tank. Any Setup Suggestions? Other Plecos?

    So this is my first time posting here, I've always read different discussions on this website that helped me a lot with my aquariums and fish. I have a 250 gallon monster fish tank that has a fluval fx5 hooked up and a circulation pump(I don't remember the brand), and a 24 inch LED light...
  3. M

    Opinions on a 600 gallon stocking idea

    In the very far distant future ( When I have saved enough money to buy this monster tank) I plan on having some fish! My main focus on this tank is the Fire Eel. I've spent several weeks researching these fish and wanted to get an opinion from those more experienced than myself. Do you think...
  4. M

    About my Dinosaur Bichir

    So I've had my bichir since I was 10 (I'm16 now) and I'm sure I'm caring for him very wrong. I got him from oetsmart along with a bunch of other fish and they just handed him/her to me and told me to just feed him bloodworms every other day. And so I did as he/she got bigger, he/she started...
  5. PatrickMW36

    DIY setup ( thoughts and opinions)

    Ive been thinking a lot about what type of setup I want to make. The 3 options Ive been looking into all have pros and cons. Acrylic tank,Plywood tank and Indoor pond. My plan is to build one of them with approx dimensions of 3.5 W 5.5 L 1.7 H ( ft ) this would be about 245 gal. My dad does...
  6. N

    I'm a newbie: info and opinions about my FHs

    Dear admin, i'm very new in this the hobby of keeping FH, and attached are pictures of my two FH, one is a short body and one is a regular FH, i would like to know some infos about them and opinions what are their classifications in terms of strains and quality. What are the pointers to be...