1. T

    Channa Fire and Ice pairing

    Hello all, Thanks to some people on here and some digging ive confirmed my new fish is indeed a fire and ice. Which now leads me to my next step in the master plan is to try and form a pair for breeding so any and all advice welcomed please.
  2. F

    Are they pair?

    Last time they spawn a ton of eggs and it's their first clutch in 50gal tank, but 2 days ago all the eggs turned white then they ate them all. I'm suspecting they're both female, so please can someone identify their gender. Well I hope you can give me some advice on breeding too Thank you very much
  3. Cichlids keeper

    CA/SA paired up with African Cichlids?

    Didn't know which section to post this in but I chose this one. Anyway has anyone ever paired up a Central/South American Cichlid with a African Cichlid?
  4. Cichlids keeper

    How to pair up blood parrots?

    Does anyone know a good way to pair up multiple blood parrots in the same tank. After they pair up I plan on putting the pairs in different tanks.
  5. Nano Vanisher

    Should I seperate my Carpintis and BP?

    hello, I have been moving alot of fish around between our tanks. My female Blood Parrot and Male Escondido Carpintis appear to be pairing. Should I separate them to not let them hybridize? or is this cross desirable?
  6. M

    Clownfish Pairing?

    What are some normal habits of pairing clownfish? I currently have one slightly larger frostbite ocellaris and one smaller frostbite ocellaris. They were introduced today, I bought one a week ago and bought the other this week from the same tank at the same place. The larger one seems to like...
  7. Josh's Fish

    18" Black Ghost Knifefish tries pairing with a 25" Fire Eel (Photos)

    Bit of a weird one haha, for a brief moment, my male Knifefish thought my (also male) Fire Eel was a larger female Knifefish and tried to pair with it. I'm not all clued up with the exact pairing ritual of Black Ghost Knifefish, but I'd say it might of been something like this lol. Was a bit...
  8. Lil g


    Can someone please help me figure out if I missed my jack dempseys laying eggs.. They are acting like they laid eggs but I just noticed all this behavior yesterday when it looked like they were spawning but I didn't see any eggs... I saw little tiny clear dots coming out of my female and go on...
  9. 5Spot Junkie

    Zeus unleashed!

    Zeus is my hybrid Hemichromis (Fasciatus x Frempongi). Separated him from my female around a month ago in hopes of pairing my female up with a WC Hemichromis Fasciatus from the 2nd batch I got. Zeus has been in my 180g separated from the rest of the community to ensure he doesn't kill all my...