pellet feeding

  1. Littleman707

    For Sale  ODOE PIKE -- Perfect Colors and Fins!!! Pellet Trained (Free Raphael Catfish included)

    Pick Up ONLY. ($80) price negotiable In Lawrenceville, New Jersey Hello Everyone!, I am selling my Odoe Pike and including a FREE large Raphael Catfish!! (Pics below). It is a PERFECT specimen and I'd challenge anyone to show me a more colorful pike! I have him/her in a 55 gallon long and it...
  2. Blakewater

    Converting Fish To Pellets | Is It "Really" Worth It?

    In the fish keeping hobby, and predominantly in the "monster" fish keeping hobby, a question we often see arise with hobbyists is, "Do I put the effort and risk into converting my fish off of live foods and is it really worth the worry?". I'm sure most of us can agree that compared to "standard"...