1. HybridFinatic

    my new petco flowerhorn growth progress thread

    This is him a couple weeks after I got him. he is showing awesome personality just like most flowerhorn and great color. I think he is an SRD. Please let me know if you think different. I will update his growth over the next few months on this thread. Feel free to post your Petco/Petsmart...
  2. HybridFinatic

    Flowerhorn stomach cramp?!?

    a couple weeks ago I got this fh from petco and seems to have a lot of potential and all and I take great care of it but something on its left side of it’s stomach is bothering me and I wondering if you all knew anything about it. In this picture you can see in indent in its stomach or tightness...
  3. GamerChick5567

    Needle Nose Gar at Petco

    Apparently they special ordered it for someone a few weeks ago and they never picked it up even after a call back. They haven't been able to sell it because no one who has been interested has a 75+ gallon tank. I feel kinda bad for it and they were asking 12 bucks, pretty cheap compared to what...
  4. Narwhal

    Where did all the Bamboo Shrimp go?

    A few years ago, Atyopsis moluccensis where at most pet stores I went in, I haven't seen one for a while now. Does anyone know why? You can find them online, but they disappeared from the stores.
  5. freshfishin727

    Black petco sand for m-motoro

    I have a 6.5x2.5×2.5 tank that is stocked with 5 red hooks 2 lapradei 1 endlicheri 2 tarpon 1 african pike 1 african arowana 1 lima shovel And now a newly added 10" disc male marbled ray. Question the tank has 1.5 deep black petco sand on the bottom, bout 6 months old. No issues on the...
  6. Alex562

    Petco Flowerhorn $12.99

    Hey Guys, I picked up this Flowerhorn from the Petco by Lakewood Mall for $12.99. The guy that is in the fish section ordered them for me. He also ordered me a Jaguar and Red Terror. Its pretty cool they have access to these cichlids. Can someone help identify if its Make or Female and what type...