pike cichlid

  1. Fiberacci

    For Sale  FS - Lenticulata Pair- Boston, MA - Pick-up only

    Lenticulata from colombia. The spots on face are burgundy 300 for pair
  2. Littleman707

    For Sale  ODOE PIKE -- Perfect Colors and Fins!!! Pellet Trained (Free Raphael Catfish included)

    Pick Up ONLY. ($80) price negotiable In Lawrenceville, New Jersey Hello Everyone!, I am selling my Odoe Pike and including a FREE large Raphael Catfish!! (Pics below). It is a PERFECT specimen and I'd challenge anyone to show me a more colorful pike! I have him/her in a 55 gallon long and it...
  3. K

    Please help me ID this pike cichlid.

    Hi everyone. Long time reader and brand new member to MFK. Was wondering if I could bother the community to help me ID this girl. Sold as “pike cichlid” from local fish store She’s about 7-8” almost 2yrs old Thanks
  4. Dagon's Progeny

    New to pike cichlids

    I am interested in getting a pike for my 125gal but I don't really know too much about them and wasn't sure if my tank is even big enough. I have owned a Crenicichla compressiceps in my 60gal when I was in high school but have zero experience otherwise. I currently have a few other South America...
  5. perun28

    For Sale  Monster cichlids and gar

    Hi guys. I'm shutting down my tank and have for sale : https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1493094465 https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1493095844 https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1493099887 https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1493100400...
  6. W

    For Sale  8.5" Crenicichla Lenticulata

    Selling my male crenicichla lenticulata because I want to expand the species of my community tank. He is 2 or 3 years old. Between 8 and 9 inches in length. Eats Hikari Massivore Delight, Hikari sinking carnivore pellets, nightcrawlers, feeder fish, earthworms.
  7. M

    Pike Cichlid has grown too large

    Hello all. I bought a pike cichlid about two years ago, without knowing much about them. Since then the little two inch fish has grown into a 12" monster in my 30 gallon tank. I know this is too small of a tank and doesn't help that there are also three blood parrot cichlids in there as well...
  8. viper0397

    Cobra red pike cichlid

    Looking to sell my Cobra red pike cichlid. This is a true cobra, not just an atabapo red. Purchased from Jeff Rapps just over a year ago. It is a female. Looking to get $325.00 She is just over 7" long. Located in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  9. M

    55 gallon tank(btw I'm loving the new update so much easier to make threads)

    Hello aquarium hobbyists! I have a 55-gallon tank with an Oscar, belly crawler pike cichlid and bichir. All of these fish are somewhere from 4-5 inches. I am planning on removing the Senegal Bichir because it stopped eating. My thinking behind this is that it shares the tank with two very greedy...
  10. E

    Crenicichla Saxatilis & Petinia Splendina

    Hi all, first post in the group, so bear with my over-explanation. What would be the minimum tank size for a saxatilis pike and red bay snook? The largest tank I have is a 135g, home to a few small bichir and a couple silver dollars (I can move the SDs back to my Malawi tank if they need to be...
  11. B

    Help with pike type??

    Guys just brought 4 pikes! I’m trying find the type on the tag at pet store just said Pike Cichald..... help
  12. ExoticGREEN

    Atabapo 1 & Lenticulata pikes 90601 Socal

    Looking to rehome these pikes. Both have hith. Due to lack of maintenance. But now I’m back on it. The atabapo has minor which is slowly going away. The lent needs some TLC. But overall fish are healthy feeding on pellets and tilapia. Asking $150ea obo looking to sell one of them. Unless you...
  13. G

    Feeding advice

    Hey guys, I've had this bellycrawler pike for about 3 years. He used to be in a tank(that was setup when I got it) with another pike that turned out to be a dwarf and a school of barbs. When he started getting bigger and picking off the barbs I moved him to his own tank and found out what he...
  14. jonah h2o

    Regani pike

    not sure if I spelled it right sorry if I did, had a few questions about Regani pike saw them at one of my LFS a pair for 40$ I think is that a good price and are they aggressive? thanks
  15. Brock11

    I'd please

    does anyone have a guess as to what this is? Sorry couldn't get a good picture.
  16. Brock11

    Pike cichlid identification help

    I was at the local shop today and they had this labeled as "Red pike cichlid". It was about 10-12 inches and they were asking $115.
  17. ExoticGREEN

    Lenticulata and Atabapo 1 pikes

    Picked up a Atabapo 1 pike from Amazingfish. Looks really really good. Very pleased on how it looks. Got this lenticulata from toms tropical fish few months back or so. Last pce he had. Took awhile to break onto pellets but now smashing them like no tomorrow.
  18. ukgoffer

    New Pike and my Jar checking each other out

    Playing nice so far. They have been together about a week. This is my first pike. Ravages live food but would like to get it on massivore with the rest of the crew. Anyone have any luck?
  19. Theepikester

    Ok better pick of my pike

    So I am bad with id on juvie pikes. He is mad cause i did a wc and moved some stuff around but got a decent pic of him so if you could help me out I would apprciate it! Sean