1. senegalrb

    What are these worms in my tank?

    Soo i have a planted bichir tank i use dirt but i baked it twice before using it to get all the parasites out. Then after a few months ive been noticing thread like white worms in my tanks. They swim in a snake like manner, and ive tried looking it up but didnt find anything. Could you guys help...
  2. PoissonRouge

    Canister Filter Media input for high tech aquarium

    Hi everyone! I have scoured the internet searching for some answers without luck. So I want some experienced input on what to media to keep in my canister filter. For the tank it is a 46gallon bow, dirt substrate, high lighting and pressurized co2 injection (using a diffuser - NOT inline...
  3. K

    Can T8s grow Dwarf Baby Tears?

    Can t8s from Home Depot grow HC, if so how many do I need for a carpet on a 10 gallon?
  4. superbuddha

    Tankmates for 3 Senegalus

    I'm sure this is a semi common topic but i'd love to here what everyone thinks I have mostly finished setting up my 75 gal planted tank. My 3 Senegalus will soon be home sweet home. 1 male and 2 females between 7 and 10 inches. Is my tank size ok? atleast until the possible ghost knife gets...