poly growth

  1. Rob909

    My new endlicheri

    I’ve never seen a poly this small but it was a $20 steal and I’ve been looking for one for quite a while so I pulled the trigger on it. It’s about 3” max so it’s in a 10 gallon tank while I get him on food and pellet trained. It’s just a small temporary tank until he’s big enough to go into the...
  2. clm08k

    Post your 2017 poly progress pics

    Let’s see your poly progress (growth, pattern changes, before/after, whatever) for 2017. Pinky/Piggie Smalls GETTIN HUGE BEFORE May 23rd, 2017: 2-3 inch long Pinky With 7inch long/ 1inch wide moke. AFTER December, 31st, 2017: Piggy is 5-6inch long now! Same moke is still 1inch thick...