public aquariums

  1. cockroach

    Taiwan, Kenting Public Aquarium

    Went to the aquarium in the tropical south of Taiwan a few weeks ago. I was very impressed with the size of the displays. I went for two main reasons: 1. To see the whale sharks - but alas they had already been moved. 2. To see the penguins - the wife's favorite animals - and they did not...
  2. Narwhal

    Public Aquariums

    I don't know how many people visit public aquariums who keep fish, as they often keep mostly saltwater, and many are almost exclusively coldwater saltwater tanks, which very few people seem to keep. I have visited a quite a few over the years, and wanted to share some slideshows of footage from...
  3. clm08k

    Polys in a public aquarium setting

    I explored the Georgia Aquarium today and didn’t see any polys. I don’t remember seeing polys at the Shedd either. Both are fantastic aquariums obviously and have various freshwater specimens such as Australian lungfish, gars, and stingrays. Why the lack of polys though? Is it because they...