1. The Masked Shadow

    Safe for fish? PVC Cement

    Is PVC Cement safe for fish?

    Overflow Bulkhead Location + Support

    Hi, I'm not sure if this post belongs here or the DIY section so any mods feel free to move it if you feel that's necessary. So I got a used 555 liter tank (~150 US Gal) and I want to make a sump system for it. I already bought the bulkheads and the pump, but not the stand and the actual sump...
  3. S

    Delhezi Thickness?

    So I can find plenty of sources on how big a Delhezi Bichir will grown LONG. But I’m trying to build hides into their final tank that will be less than adjustable/moveable. I know these boys can hit around 14-18” long, I’m curious as to what diameter of PVC pipe won’t squish them in their adult...
  4. S

    can Spray polyurethane foam kill fish? Sealant foam

    Hey all, So here's the situation. I bought a 130 gallon sump, i hired a contractor to take apart my stand and put in under my 360 gallon. But this crack, didnt seal one of the PVC outlets properly, so the sump has been leaking (very lightly), the contractor wouldnt fix it (i paid him 350$ just...
  5. Davidiator

    Rocks For Aquarium

    Hi, I need to hide my PVC piping that i want to use to make a sandfall. So i would like links and directions to make an amazing sandfall... The tank is 18" tall so that is how high i would like the sandfall. thanks :)
  6. D

    DIY PVC Fake wood needs a protective coating

    Hi! I've been searching for a product to coat some fake logs I made based on threads on a pair of amphibian forums. The basic composure is PVC bent with heat and textured with a knife and drill, then Painted with Non-toxic Acrylic paint, which was recommended in the thread. It said to use either...
  7. I

    Pvc hiding spot

    Has anybody ever used clear pvc for a hiding spot? Right now I have two 18" white pvc pipes for my eel, but it doesn't look all that great. I like the idea of the clear pvc, but I'm not too sure If the eel would use them if they were clear.
  8. Truetommy

    diy caves

    Im setting up a 100 gallon sa/ca cichlid tank, and have been thinking of how im going to lay it out. I got the idea to take small cuts of larger diameter pvc and pvc elbows and coating them with concrete to give them a natural cave look. Has anyone ever tried this? I also wasnt sure if all...