1. S

    Question regarding aquarium size

    Hello! I am new to these forums, so please forgive me if I format incorrectly or miss rules, etc. I have just set up my new 110, the dimensions of which are 50"x20"x28". It has a Hydor 150 and a Hydor 400 running on it, as well as three large powerheads. I am extremely interested in doing...
  2. xenacanth9

    In search of Banded Archerfish, recommended sources?

    Could anyone here recommend a store (online or physical) where one could obtain Banded Archerfish for a reasonable price? (Preferably UNDER $30 per fish with a shipping cost that's not too ridiculous. I'm not exactly broke but I am a little tight.) I've been looking for them for a while, but...
  3. Goldenburd

    General update on the 55 gallon

    Its been a few months since my last Upadate on the 55 gallon. First things first upgraded the lights to a finnex planted+ 24/7 (not using 24/7 to lazy to setup). Added scarlet temple into the tank along with a anubis. Plecos are breeding like crazy and i need to and otto cats into help the 3 SAE...
  4. Jacob6556

    Will this work as a betta bowl! ??

    Well I have think cookie jar and I was wondering if I could use this for a betta tank? I see pet stores selling lil non filters drums smaller then this one for them, ofcourse I would add some rocks and maybe a little plant in there but do you think that this Jar is a fair size for one??
  5. Cichlids keeper

    Guapote Mel Dovii type?

    Does anyone know what kind of Dovii Guapote Mel had. Specifically I am talking about this one.
  6. Cichlids keeper

    Rose Queen Cichlid color?

    Are Rose Queen Cichlids as pink/purple as they appear in pictures?
  7. Zak03

    Concerned about mystery snail

    Hi guys, I recently (about 2 weeks ago) bought some more blue mystery snails to put into my planted 20 gallon tank. A few days ago, I noticed that one of the snails had these spots (photo provided) on the back of the shell. At first thought I believed them to be eggs, but after doing some...
  8. S

    Small Bichir and Bush Fish

    Hi all! I am back after lurking for about a month. I had some questions about getting some very small senegal bichirs and leopard bush fish to eat. Also, my plan is somewhat coming to fruition! If you look at my only other post you can see that I wanted to get a 300 gallon tank. Well, about a...
  9. 6erikar9

    Iridescent Shark and Fire Eel Interaction Question

    Hey all, I purchased a fire eel and an iridescent shark from my LFS. The shark isn't very active, and when it's still on the bottom for a long time the eel nudges it gently and it starts swimming again. I figured I'd QT them together because they came from the same store, and they're both young...
  10. R

    RTC pond size

    I am building a 15 by 5 ft pond and was wondering if this would be sufficient housing for a RTC
  11. r3dbullxxx

    Diagnose My Tank --- Forced to Foster Fish

    Evening! Long story short...I have become the anxiety-driven foster owner of what I believe is an entire community of Jade Sleeper Gobies. Also know that my family and I have kept & bred the most common freshwater and saltwater fish in tanks up to 200 gallons. We've also kept crayfish, crabs...
  12. J

    Advice on Green Terror for new American Cichlid owner

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and rather new to aquariums and fish as a whole. I’ve had cichlids for about a year and a half now. I had mainly Africans but due to me moving I’ve sadly lost all but 2 of my Africans due to the stress of it all (luckily they left a surprise behind them with 4 fry that...
  13. Q

    Channa Bleheri glass thickness

    Hey Guys! I'm new to this forum, sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place. I have a Juwel Rio 400 and I want to put some Channa Bleheri's in it after new year. The thing is that i saw a couple of videos where snakeheads burst straight through the aquarium glass and it kinda got me worried. The...
  14. GiantFishKeeper101

    Colour morph on fire eel QUESTION

    Not mine but my friend. Can fire eel morph their colour late stage? I know certain catfish can morph from normal to leucistic or xanthic. But this eel morph from normal to xanthic and back to normal. Can anyone explain why???
  15. D

    Someone asked what morph this is.

    they where told and sold as a normal ball python but I don’t have experience with normals so I don’t know their variations. To me this does not appear to be a normal what does everyone think?
  16. R

    Jardini arowana tank

    I'm getting a 300 gallon tank and i was wondering if i could keep a jardini aro in it
  17. S

    I Need Help With Stocking My West African River Tank!

    Here is what I'm curently thinking of doing, I need to know if this will work or not My tank is 50 Gallon and will be heavily planted. 1 Jewel Cichlid (unsure of exact species) 2 or 3 African Butterfly fish and 1 Lionhead/Blockhead/Buffalo head Cichlid Will this work for the tank I have...
  18. A

    Question about lighting my 460 gallon Aquarium

    Hello All, I have recently started building a 460 gallon aquarium (80'x45'x30'), and am wondering what the best light would be to light my aquarium. My plan with the aquarium was to fill it up a little less than 1/2 of the way and create a paludarium with plants growing fully emersed, floating...
  19. R

    Small predators

    I'm looking for any small predator,once it eats small feeders i'm happy and if you could include minimum tank size that would be great
  20. K

    Black in tank?

    Hello everyone, To start, I've read these forums for a while, but have only made an account to ask this question. My first post! I've had my flowerhorn, a ~4 inch king kamfa, for a little while now. So far everything has gone well. He (She?) eats well, seems to enjoy interacting by follows...