rainbow snakeheads

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    Channa bleheri in a 30 gallon?

    Hey guys! I have finally persuaded my parents to get an aquarium! A friend of my dad gave us the aquarium, so I can’t buy something else etc I am in love with the Rainbow snakeheads! I do not mind having a single specimen in my tank. The dimensions are 61*41*58 cm (length*width*height) Could it...
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    Channa bleheri

    Tomorrow I am picking up my channa bleheri, but the lfs I'm getting them is currently keeping them at 25c, how slowly shall i lower the temp on the tank with them, as i don't want to shock them, also when do you guys/ladies change the temp, is December to April ok for the winter season? and what...
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    best food for baby snakehead to grow fast

    I have a 2-3 inch baby rainbow snake head im feeding him on frozen bloodworm and hes to small to eat a whole cube and theres loads of waste,would cutting up sprats in to an edible size work better as i can control portians and also ive heard they will make them grow faster, Thanks guys.
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    Rainbow Snakeheads

    Hi, new to the forum. My question is, is it possible to keep 2 Rainbow Snakeheads (Channa bleheri) with a common yabby (Cherax destructor) in the same tank?? If so, what kind of tank would I require to house these fine specimens? Should it not be possible, I have been considering creating a...