red fin

  1. Rob909

    Pleco id?? L24?

  2. N

    My rainbow doesn't want to eat...

    Hi. I want to ask. I just recently bought a 5 cm rainbow shark yesterday. I put him in my temporary 20 gal tank that already have 2,5 - 3 cm black tetra, which there are 3 of them and one leopard bush fish. I am not intending to add another fish since it is pretty much overstock i know. But he...
  3. Ichthyophobic

    Red Fin Wolf Fish in 44 gal. Pentagon Tank?

    So, I have an empty 44 gallon pentagon corner tank and I have been itching to get a Red Fin Wolf Fish (erythrinus erythrinus). Dimensions are in the picture. I see that many people keep this species in a 40 breeder so I was wondering if my corner would be adequate for life, if not I can always...