red hook

  1. WOLF2013

    Want to Buy  Looking for Black Bar & Red Hook Silver Dollars

    I am looking for black bar silver dollars (Myleus Schomburgkii) either wide or thin bars no preference. And also on the look out for redhook silver dollars and flag tail prochilodus. I am in West Palm Beach, Florida. Pick up or shipping. Willing to cover shipping if needed. Looking for anything...
  2. G

    Red Hooks or Tin Foils???

    I have a 125 gallon tank with a mostly bottom dwelling stock. The LFS just got a large shipment of red fin tin foils and red hooks which I can't decide which to get a small school of. I know they need to be in groups of about 3-5 and get large fast but I have the room. I also have a Mono Sebae...
  3. A

    Red Hook SD Filtration

    Hey guys, first thread! I'm in the process of getting 6 Red Hook SD's for my cycled 75G. I did my research beforehand but can't find an answer for filtration. A lot of articles say they need moderate flow, and i was wondering if the flow from my AC110 would be too strong for them? Currently...