red tail

  1. S

    Hybrid Red Tail? Does anybody know? Pics attached

    This guy was labeled as a Red Tailed Cat, but he has some features that I discovered were different from Red Tails. He has spots running down the side of him, as well as on his dorsal fin. Dorsal fin looks much different in shape as well. His colors are also duller than a typical red tail. He is...
  2. T


    NEW VID!
  3. S

    Want to Buy  Looking for payara!!!

    I'm looking to buy some payara. Open to any species but would prefer for them to be atleast 6 or 7 inches. Please message me if you have any or have a lead on some!!! Thanks shakedown
  4. Blakewater

    FREE  16-18” RTC Bay Area 94928

    Looking to rehome my big boy, Whiscash. Super well mannered, never eaten another fish or even tried. Very active and will eat from your hand and greet you when you get home. Only reason I’m rehoming him is due to a conflict of interests regarding my vision for the tank. Not imperative he leaves...
  5. Jush

    For Sale  Multiple predatory fish, turtles & fish tank for sale

    Selling a decent amount of fish I have bought but either no longer want or don't need due to getting larger types for example. Redtail Catfish - 1-2inch - £28 each - 2 for sale in total - buy 2 for £54 Tiger Shovel nose - 2-3inch - £28 - 1 for sale in total - N/A Male Black Diamond Stingray -...
  6. KelberiFishLover19

    Peacock Bass Help

    I have an RTC with my PB and lately they have been chasing each other around and fighting. The bass has gotten beat up a bit and has these white dots on her head along with some marks. Also, she hasn’t eaten in 2 days. Was wondering if this is potential HITH or if she is just beat up and...
  7. B

    Red tail giant gourami FS

    Thinking of going a different direction with tank. My loss is your gain. Beautiful fish. Around 16 inches. $200
  8. Rob909

    FTS | Red tail giant gourami | $50 | Fontana, Ca | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Red tail giant gourami What are your prices?: 50 Where are you located?: Fontana, Ca Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: I’ve got a red tail gourami that I want to trade or sell. It is picking on my silver...
  9. J

    Large Red Tail and Sun Catfish for sale

    Redtail is about 9" and Sun Catfish is about 10". Both are extremely healthy and are eating well Too big for my tank. I'm on Southern California. Pick up only please.
  10. the animal guy

    Getting fry from them

    The female is in a color transformation at the moment. She's going to be cleaned up & pearly high lit later. This is the only 2 fish I have at the moment. If anyone seen Flowerhorns created by a similar breeding please share how they look like.