red terrors

  1. P

    Breeding Pair of Red Terrors Festae and fry

    Male is about 10"-11", female about 6-7"+. $200 Fry $3/each. They are 1/2" to 1" Still have like 200 of them. These used to be owned by "oshp132", bred for him many times. Male takes it easy on the female, whether close to spawning, again, or not. pickup only, near buffalo, ny
  2. P

    Red Terrors Festae Upstate NY

    pick up only. I'm near Buffalo 1/2" to 3/4" $3 each.
  3. Serpentine

    Preventing Juvenile Red Terror Savagery

    I have an opportunity to get my hands on some genuine M. festae Red Terrors and have a bit of an odd dilemma. I am not new to freshwater fish or SA cichlids, but this is my first time out with Red Terrors. Aside from admiring their beauty and "cichlittude," I have a specific purpose for one...
  4. M

    Just wanted to show off my tank

    Old pics but current stock 7 red terrors 1 saxatilis pike 1 venezulean pike 2 unknown (pos. Sax pikes) 1 vieja argentea 1 marbled goby 2 com plecos