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    FREE  REHOMING two jack dempseys and marbled bichir

    Hey everyone I’m looking to rehome my two jack dempseys (male 5”, female 4”) and my marbled bichir (5-6”) I’ve had them for a while so they are sentimental for me and they need to go all together or not at all, I need to rehome them due to a change in space and needing to switch stocking. I’m...
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    FREE  Two Plecos Need a New Home (NEW ENGLAND)

    Hello, due to Covid I was unable to move and get a new tank for my favorite fish. I don’t feel like they’re thriving in the tank they are in anymore. SF and Norman are about three years old and around 20 inches long. I believe SF is a female and Norman is male and they have had eggs once...
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    Re-Homing a Small Clown Loach

    I found out that my friend's mother had a clown loach in a small tank, long story short I am now the temporary keeper of this little loach. I planned to give him to my LFS, as my largest tank is only a 60 (and has aggressive fish, he is currently in a 20 gallon long until rehoming) but I wanted...